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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

IFP Information Gateway Search Results

The IFP Information Gateway is your centralized instrument flight procedures data portal, providing a single-source for:

  • Charts — All Published Charts, Volume, and Type.
  • IFP Production Plan — Current IFPs under Development or Amendments with Tentative Publication Date and Status.
  • IFP Coordination — All coordinated developed/amended procedure forms forwarded to Flight Check or Charting for publication.
  • IFP Documents (NDBR) — Repository and Source Documents used for Data Validation of Coded IFPs.

Advanced Search

Browse by State - Wake Island

There were no airports found meeting your criteria.

For specific questions/comments about airports and/or procedures, please use the "E-Mail FAA" links next to the appropriate Procedure(s). For general questions/comments, please submit an .

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Framework Info:
ColdBox SEEK 1 John 5:12-13
Application Name:
AeroNav Information Gateway (environment=production)
Jun-10-2023 06:28:29 AM
Server Instance:
Current Event:
Current Layout:
layout.main.cfm (Module: )
Current View:
Current Route:
Routed URL:
Routed Namespace:
LogBox Appenders:
RootLogger Levels:
Loaded Modules:
Timestamp Execution Time Framework Method
06:28:29.722 AM 0 ms invoking runEvent [Lifecycle.onSessionStart]
06:28:29.725 AM 0 ms invoking runEvent [Lifecycle.onRequestStart]
06:28:29.747 AM 21 ms invoking runEvent [airport.results]
06:28:29.762 AM 2 ms rendering View [main/quickSearchBox.cfm]
06:28:29.762 AM 0 ms rendering View [main/accountHeader.cfm]
06:28:29.763 AM 5 ms rendering View [airport/results.cfm]
06:28:29.777 AM 20 ms rendering Layout [layout.main.cfm]
06:28:29.778 AM 0 ms invoking runEvent [Lifecycle.onRequestEnd]
Total Framework Request Execution Time: 55 ms
 CacheBox Monitor
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Cache Name
default [class=coldbox.system.cache.providers.CacheBoxColdBoxProvider]
Hit Ratio: 98.18% ==> Hits: 175447 | Misses: 3258 | Evictions: 0 | Garbage Collections: 0 | Object Count: 5
JVM Memory Stats
48.23 % Free | Max: 2,796,544 KB Total: 2,314,240 KB | Free: 1,348,869 KB
Last Reap
Jun-10-2023 06:28:29 AM

Cache Configuration

Cache Content Report

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Object Hits Timeout Idle Timeout Created Last Accessed Status CMDS
handlers-air_traffic.flight_info.aeronav.procedures.application.handlers.airport 9 120 30 Jun-10
05:47:28 AM
06:28:29 AM
Alive 98 120 30 Jun-10
04:36:00 AM
06:28:00 AM
handlers-air_traffic.flight_info.aeronav.procedures.application.handlers.lifecycle 290 120 30 Jun-10
05:14:00 AM
06:28:29 AM
wirebox-air_traffic.flight_info.aeronav.procedures.application.plugins.messagebox 99 120 30 Jun-10
05:14:00 AM
06:28:29 AM
wirebox-coldbox.system.plugins.jvmutils 97 120 30 Jun-10
05:14:00 AM
06:28:29 AM
 ColdBox Modules

Below you can see the loaded application modules.

Module Author Version V.P.L L.P.L Load Time CMDS

* V.P.L = View Parent Lookup Order
* L.P.L = Layout Parent Lookup Order

 ColdBox Request Structures
Public Collection
browse: 1
selectedtab: N/A
pagehead: N/A
state: Wake Island
resultscount: 0
orderdirection: ASC
accessDenied main.accessDenied
advancedSearch procedure.advanced
search airport.results
self airport.results
toggleNotification notification.toggle
event: airport.results
postcontent: <script src="../assets/js/notification.js"></script> <script> $(function () { $.faaModal(true, { autoOpen: true, loadUrl: '../view/legalDisclaimer.cfm', loadCallback: function () { console.log('callback for ' +; }, title: 'Disclaimer', dialogClass:, buttons: { "Continue": function() { $(this).dialog("close"); } }, modal: true }); }); </script>
title: IFP Information Gateway Search Results
startrow: 1
content: N/A
orderby: state
hasnotification: NO
Private Collection
cbox_incomingcontexthash: 778E23EB5EC3F53DB8694F980E993DF1
currentlayout: layout.main.cfm
currentview: airport/results
struct [empty]
viewmodule: N/A
Approximate Debug Rendering Time: 391 ms