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Los Angeles FSDO (Flight Standards District Office)

Flight Standards Realignment information

Office Information

This office is located inside a GSA secured facility. No weapons of any kind are permitted on the property. To gain access to the facility, your vehicle will be searched and you will be screened in accordance with security policies. The security guard will direct you where to park your vehicle.

  • Los Angeles FSDO Service Area Map (PDF)
  • Office Hours/Contact the Office
  • FAA Form 1600-78 (PDF)
  • FAA Form 1600-78.pdf is to be completed and submitted by foreign individuals requesting an appointment with this FAA office. Please complete the 1600-78 form as applicable and attach it to an e-mail addressed to: 7-AWP-LAX-FSDO@FAA.GOV. This office will reply with instructions and information pertaining to your visit and appointment.

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