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Aeronautical Information Services Groups

  • Business Requirements & Systems: AJV-A1 provides project management, validation, and technical support for automation systems and data used in development, impact analysis, charting, and electronic distribution of aeronautical information. This group coordinates implementation of new and changed criteria as well as charting specification; and represents the FAA at government, industry, and international forums. The group serves as the focal point for automation/data collaboration with other FAA lines of business and the Department of Defense. The group also provides Aeronautical Information Specialist and international stakeholder technical and refresher training.

    • IFP Systems Team: AJV-A11
    • Charting Systems Team: AJV-A12
    • Data Systems Team: AJV-A13
    • Employee Technical Development Team: AJV-A14
    • Charting & Operations Planning Team: AJV-A15
    • Criteria Evaluation & Planning Team: AJV-A16
  • Aeronautical Charting Group: AJV-A2 produces and maintains Instrument Flight Rule Enroute Charts, Visual Flight Rule charts, Controller Charts, Terminal Instrument Flight Procedure charts, Terminal RADAR video and Minimum Vector Altitude (MVA) maps, Airport Diagrams and Sketches, Chart Supplements, and additional products available in digital and hard copy formats necessary to establish the navigational infrastructure for the National Airspace System.

    • En Route & Visual Charting Team: AJV-A21
    • Terminal Charting Team: AJV-A22
    • Radar Video Mapping Team: AJV-A23
    • Airport Mapping Team: AJV-A24
    • Charting Production Intergration Team: AJV-A25
  • Aeronautical Information Group: AJV-A3 collects, validates and ensures quality control of aeronautical information used by the FAA, military and other government entities that develop and update instrument approach procedures, digital products, aeronautical charts and related publications supporting the National Airspace System. The group also maintains data on manmade obstructions reported under 14 CFR part 77 and airport surveyed data, which may have an effect on the safe and efficient use of the navigable airspace.

    • Aeronautical Data Team: AJV-A31
    • Obstacles Team: AJV-A32
  • Instrument Flight Procedures Group: AJV-A4 develops and manages the FAA Instrument Flight Procedures (IFPs) program in support of the National Airspace System and global support of the Army. IFPs are used for safe navigation throughout the NAS and we currently maintain over 20,000 IFPs with over 33,000 lines of minima. The group also plans coordinates, and processes Instrument Flight Procedures (IFPs) for publication in the NAS.

    • IFP Team 1: AJV-A41
    • IFP Team 2: AJV-A42
    • IFP Team 3: AJV-A43
    • IFP Quality Control Team: AJV-A44
    • IFP Coordination Team: AJV-A45

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