Flight Advisories: Unalaska Runway Gate Operations

Kotzebue RWY 09 Roadway Gate Control Operations - Ralph Wien Memorial Airport, Kotzebue, AK

Updated Monday, September 27, 2010

This page includes further UPDATED (Sep 24th) information about requirements for specific SIAPs.

This is an update from the information previously posted and contained in the Alaska Supplement. The use of the road traffic gate mechanism at Kotzebue is mandatory when flying the ILS, LNAV/VNAV, and LPV RWY 9 SIAPs. It is voluntary for other operations to runway 9.

Please note the date (Sep 24, 2010) at the top of PDF document dowloadable below. If you downloaded any previous versions, please replace them with this one containing the current affected SIAPs.

New Traffic Pattern Around the West end of RWY 09 at Ralph Wien Memorial Airport, Kotzebue, AK

View The Text and Graphic (amended Sep 24, 2010) (PDF, 162 KB)