Slot Administration - Slot Allocation Process

Slot administration in the U.S. generally follows the process laid out by IATA in the WSG. This process requires a coordinator for each Level 3 airport and a schedule facilitator for each Level 2 airport. The FAA fills that role at U.S. airports where the FAA establishes the need for runway limitations or formal schedule review. Separately, local airport authorities may review certain flights based on airport terminal capacity.

Flight schedules are generally divided into seasons per year—Winter and Summer. Consequently, the slot allocation and schedule facilitation process occurs twice annually for EWR, JFK, LAX, ORD, and SFO. DCA and LGA slot allocation rules provide for continuing allocation and those airports do not follow the seasonal WSG allocation.

The process relies heavily on "historic slots," or slots that carriers have operated for a qualifying duration under the FAA rules or orders. The carriers submit their schedules or slot requests, and the FAA responds to their proposal.

Last updated: Friday, April 24, 2020