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System Event and Analysis

The System Event and Analysis group is responsible for the analysis of constraints identified in the NAS and developing goals that will mitigate the impacts of these constraints on NAS performance and efficiency. The group will handle impacts that special events will have on the NAS and any special requests for metrics and analytics made by Executive Management. The group will lead all HQ projects and establish goals and targets that these projects will measure benefit to the NAS.


NAS Analysis - Analyze constraints identified by trends and other means to the NAS and develop methods and ways to mitigate or eliminate impact to NAS efficiency. Work closely with PERTI planners in implementing these goals or methods during PERTI planning sessions.

Authoritative Processes and Metrics - Develop, establish, update and verify metrics that are used in identifying issues, measuring and reporting on the NAS. The group will establish how processes such as threaded track, trajectory-based tracks and level offs are established.

Special Events and Requests - Take the initiative and be proactive in upcoming special events and work with the Command Center planners on how these events such as hurricanes, sporting events, etc. will impact the NAS. Take the lead on all special requests for metrics and analytics made by Executive and Senior Management, Administrator or Congressional inquiries.

HQ Programs - Act as the representative for Performance Analysis/System Operations on HQ programs and initiatives. Establish metrics or other means that the directorate is responsible for that will measure the benefit or value that these programs may have on the NAS.

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