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Flight Technologies and Procedures Division

Flight Operations Group


The Flight Operations Group is responsible for developing safe CNS and air traffic management operations using existing and emerging technologies and innovative operational concepts.

Responsibilities (PDF)

Projects and Programs

  • Airport operations, including continuity of service, simultaneous approach operations, special approach procedures, and aviation lighting
  • Aviation weather
  • Category II/III approach procedure facilities and operator approvals
  • CSPO
  • Data communications
  • Data Link and display of aeronautical information
  • Existing and emerging technologies (i.e., ADS-B, Electronic Flight Bag)
  • Flight Standards Handbooks (responsibility for sections relating to Division’s mission)
  • GNSS and navigation systems
  • ICAO flight operations
  • Landing navigation aids and lighting systems
  • Long-range navigation and navigation systems
  • New Entrants and UAS
  • Oceanic and remote continental operations
  • Performance based communication, navigation, and surveillance
  • Special areas of operation and special-use airspace
  • Vision systems, including EFVS, CVS, and SVS
  • Wake and separation standards
  • Wake turbulence research program office support

Useful Links

Federal Aviation Administration
Flight Operations Group
470 L'Enfant Plaza, Suite 4102
Washington, DC 20024

Phone: (202) 267-8795

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