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Download the Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP)

Effective October 11, 2018 - File Naming Convention Change. See the 17-02 CIFP Charting Notice (PDF) for complete information.

The Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP) is a dataset modeled to the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (ARINC) Navigation System Data Base (NDB) international standard (ARINC 424). The CIFP data can be used as a basis to support both En route and Terminal GPS navigation. Currently, ARINC 424 versions 13, 15, and 18 are provided. Version 18 supports WAAS RNAV (GPS) Approaches. The CIFP is raw ARINC data. It will require additional processing before it can be loaded into an avionics system.

The CIFP is updated every 28 days.

By subscribing to you will be notified by email of any errors discovered in the CIFP and reported to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Coded Instrument Flight Procedures
Product Effective Ending
201807 CIFP (Zip) 21 June 2018 19 Jul 2018
201808 CIFP (Zip) 19 Jul 2018 16 Aug 2018

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