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Aeronautical Chart Bulletins

Regional Areas

Map links correspond to the current editions.

From the table below select the region that corresponds to the area you fly in, then update your chart with the information provided. Please make sure that you have the most recent chart edition.

Next Editions will be available 20 days prior to their effective date. Please report any application errors and provide comments via the portal's Website category.

Aeronautical Chart Bulletins
Current Edition Date Next Edition Date
Alaska Apr 25 2019 (PDF)Alaska Jun 20 2019 (PDF)
East Central Apr 25 2019 (PDF)East Central Jun 20 2019 (PDF)
North Central Apr 25 2019 (PDF)North Central Jun 20 2019 (PDF)
Northeast Apr 25 2019 (PDF)Northeast Jun 20 2019 (PDF)
Northwest Apr 25 2019 (PDF)Northwest Jun 20 2019 (PDF)
Pacific Apr 25 2019 (PDF)Pacific Jun 20 2019 (PDF)
Southeast Apr 25 2019 (PDF)Southeast Jun 20 2019 (PDF)
South Central Apr 25 2019 (PDF)South Central Jun 20 2019 (PDF)
Southwest Apr 25 2019 (PDF)Southwest Jun 20 2019 (PDF)

How to use the Chart Bulletin

Most Sectional charts are printed every six months; however, if your chart is more than 8 weeks old it probably isn't current. Aeronautical information changes frequently; more frequently than every six months. That is why we publish the Aeronautical Chart Bulletin in the Notices Section of the Chart Supplement every 56 days and why it is important that you consult the Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) prior to each flight. FAA regulations state that a pilot must be familiar with all available information concerning a flight. This includes having up-to-date charts and keeping them current. Updating your charts is as important as any other flight planning responsibility.


See the sample chart bulletin below. Concerning the 96th Edition of the Green Bay Sectional, the data is organized by category and date.

Sample Chart Bulletin

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