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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Terminal Procedures Publication

U.S. Terminal Procedures Publications

U.S. Terminal Procedures Publications are published in 24 loose-leaf or perfect bound volumes covering the conterminous U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Included in the Terminal Procedures Publications are:

  • Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts
  • Departure Procedure (DP) Charts
  • Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) Charts
  • Charted Visual Flight Procedures (CVFP)
  • Airport Diagrams

IAP Charts are designed to provide an IFR descent from the enroute environment to a point where a safe landing can be made. DP Charts are Air Traffic Control (ATC)-coded departure procedures that have been established at certain airports to simplify clearance delivery procedures. STAR Charts are ATC-coded IFR arrival routes established for certain airports to simplify clearance delivery procedures. CVFP's are an operational technique designed to move air traffic safely and expeditiously. In addition to conventional visual approach procedures, it has been necessary to specify routes/altitudes to enhance noise abatement at some locations. CVFP's have been developed to provide a pictorial display of these visual arrival routes. Airport Diagrams are specifically designed to assist in the movement of ground traffic at locations with complex runway/taxiway configurations and provide information for updating geodetic position navigational systems aboard aircraft.

Beginning with the October 30, 2003 edition, selected U.S. military terminal instrument procedures and IFR airport information will be added to the FAA's U.S. Terminal Procedures Publication and the Airport/Facility Directory. Please consult the Aeronautical Information Manual for information on the civil use of military instrument procedures and airports. The Special Notices section of the Airport/Facility Directory also contains information on the civil use of military fields.

Volumes are 5-3/8 x 8-1/4 inch, perfect-bound, or loose-leaf format. Loose-leaf volumes are shrink-wrapped with four holes punched at the top. The volumes are revised every 56 days. A CHANGE NOTICE is published at the midpoint between revisions in bound volume format. Subscribers to the U.S. Terminal Procedures Publications (TPPs) shall receive (at no additional charge) a number of Change Notices (CNs) equals to:

  1. The number of full-sets they order
  2. The maximum number of any regional volume they order or
  3. Combination of A. and B.

Alaska Terminal Procedures Publication contains all terminal flight procedures for civil and military aviation in the state of Alaska. Included are: IAP Charts, DoD High Charts, DP Charts, STAR Charts, airport diagrams, radar minimums, and supplementary support data such as IFR alternate minimums, take-off minimums, rate of descent table, rate of climb table, and inoperative components table. Volumes are 5-3/8 x 8-1/4 inches top bound. Revised every 56 days.

Chart Supplement Pacific is designed for use with flight Information Publication, Enroute Charts and with the Hawaiian Islands, Mariana Islands and Samoan Islands Sectional Aeronautical Chart. Included are an airport/facility directory, communications data, weather data sources, airspace, navigational facilities, special notices, and pacific area procedures. Instrument Approach Procedure Charts, Airport Diagrams, Radar Minimums, and supplementary supporting data for the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands are included in this supplement. This book is published every 56 days. The volume is 5 3/8 x 8 1/4 inches side-bound.

U.S. Terminal Procedures Publications

Conterminous United States

Product Name and FAA Product ID
Product Name Bound Product ID Loose-leaf Product ID
East Central Vol. 1 BTPPEC1 TPPEC1
East Central Vol. 2 BTPPEC2 TPPEC2
East Central Vol. 3 BTPPEC3 TPPEC3
North Central Vol. 1 BTPPNC1 TPPNC1
North Central Vol. 2 BTPPNC2 TPPNC2
North Central Vol. 3 BTPPNC3 TPPNC3
Northeast Vol. 1 BTPPNE1 TPPNE1
Northeast Vol. 2 BTPPNE2 TPPNE2
Northeast Vol. 3 BTPPNE3 TPPNE3
Northeast Vol. 4 BTPPNE4 TPPNE4
Northwest Vol. 1 BTPPNW1 TPPNW1
South Central Vol. 1 BTPPSC1 TPPSC1
South Central Vol. 2 BTPPSC2 TPPSC2
South Central Vol. 3 BTPPSC3 TPPSC3
South Central Vol. 4 BTPPSC4 TPPSC4
South Central Vol. 5 BTPPSC5 TPPSC5
Southeast Vol. 1 BTPPSE1 TPPSE1
Southeast Vol. 2 BTPPSE2 TPPSE2
Southeast Vol. 3 BTPPSE3 TPPSE3
Southeast Vol. 4 BTPPSE4 TPPSE4
Southwest Vol. 1 BTPPSW1 TPPSW1
Southwest Vol. 2 BTPPSW2 TPPSW2
Southwest Vol. 3 BTPPSW3 TPPSW3
Southwest Vol. 4 BTPPSW4 TPPSW4
Change Notice TPPCN Available Bound Only!


Product Name and FAA Product ID
Product Name Product ID
Alaska Terminal Procedure ATP

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