Service Semantics

Service Semantics
SWIM Controlled Vocabulary
A controlled vocabulary developed to provide a single source for terms and definitions commonly employed in SWIM/NEMS-related documentation. The CV is available in both human-readable (HTML) and machine-readable (RDF) versions.
CV Diagram
SWIM CV Frequently Asked Questions A guide for using the SWIM CV
Web Service Description Ontological Model (WSDOM) (Zip) An ontology intended to be a basis for model-driven implementation of SOA-related artifacts.
This ontology has been developed in Web Ontology Language (OWL) version 1.1; it consists of several files and is currently available in a single downloadable zip file. An open repository for use by the international aviation community to publish artifacts developed using Semantic Web technologies. Besides the SWIM CV, artifacts include taxonomies for classifying services by product type, availability, flight phase, ICAO region, etc. and are available in both human-readable (HTML) and machine-readable (RDF) versions.
Utilization of Faceted Classification in the Context of the SWIM Service Registry (white paper) (PDF) This paper examines some classification schemes currently utilized in the NSRR and discusses two different types of schemes, hierarchical and faceted. It also proposes three service classification scheme facets based on analysis of popular search patterns and specific characteristics of ATM services in the context of FAA SWIM implementation.
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Semantic Web for Air Transportation (SWAT) Special Interest Group

Ontologies and other Semantic Web technologies can provide complementary solutions to enhance existing interoperability approaches and to address other aviation industry data management problems, such as terminology standardization, data integration, data service discovery, unstructured information extraction, information search, and open aviation data publishing. Representatives from FAA, NASA, Eurocontrol/SESAR, DoD, DOT, Open Geospatial Consortium, aviation industry R&D organizations, and others met on August 24, 2015 in Washington, DC to explore the formation of a "Semantic Web for Air Transportation (SWAT) Special Interest Group" whose purpose would be to share experiences and approaches in applying Semantic Web technologies to address these and other related problems in the air transportation industry. The following topics were presented at the meeting. For more information about SWAT, contact Rich Keller (NASA) or Mark Kaplun (FAA)

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