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Funding Opportunities

Research and development funding is available through the following grant programs:

Workforce Development

Aviation Workforce Development Grants

The FAA provides grants to academic institutions and the aviation community to help prepare a more inclusive talent pool of pilots and aviation maintenance technicians, to inspire and recruit the next generation of aviation professionals.

Research and Development

Aviation Research Grants

Research and Development grants and cooperative agreements, ranging from several thousand to several million dollars, support aviation-related research in topics with the potential to gain further knowledge in emerging aviation technologies.

FAA Centers of Excellence

The FAA has entered into six cooperative agreements with competitively selected Centers of Excellence (COE) established with academic institutions and their industry affiliates throughout the United States.

Business Contracts


SE2020/2025 is an IDIQ-based contract which issues work to multi-vendor teams via Task Orders with a Performance Work Statement to provide research, analysis, systems engineering, and integration for the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and non-NextGen initiatives.

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