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Delphi eInvoicing Program

To: RE&D Grants Technical Monitors, Managers and Grantees

RE: Delphi eInvoicing Program

Dear Technical Monitors (TM), Managers, and Grantees

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is implementing a new online grants payments system called Delphi eInvoicing powered by Oracle’s iSupplier platform. The application will be deployed across all Operating Administrations (OAs), including FAA, over the course of Summer/Fall 2012. The go-live date for Technical Center users is scheduled for June 20 – July 3.

Why the change?
eInvoicing is the first of multiple FAA finance and accounting systems to be implemented in accordance with DOT’s Financial Systems Modernization (FSM) initiative. This unified, web-based platform will save valuable time and resources associated with current manual processes for both requestor and reviewer/approver users. Sponsors will receive grants funds more quickly and FAA will have enhanced control over minimizing improper payments. Major features and benefits of eInvoicing include:

  • Electronic Payment Request Submission: Submission of payment requests on-line individually or in bulk.

  • Grantee Self Service: Real time views on the status of all payment requests.

  • Email Notifications: Notifications to inform requesters about payment status.

  • Document Attachment: Upload files as supporting documentation for payment requests.

  • Unified Platform: The same grants payment request process will be utilized department-wide, which will be helpful particularly for grant recipients who also work with other DOT Programs.

What you need to do:
As a Technical Monitor your function will be to review and/or approve sponsor requests for payments. This activity is essential to the timely disbursement of funds to grant sponsors.

As a Manager you will be part of the hierarchy. In the event the technical monitor does approve/disapprove the invoice (due to travel, leave etc.) you will be notified after 5-10 business days that a pending invoice is waiting for approval.

As a grant recipient your role will be to submit a payment request for the current period grant invoice. A designated grant reviewer will then approve your request for funds disbursement and you will be notified via email. Should there be a need for additional documentation, you will receive a notification on the precise information required and instructions on how to provide it.

Grantees, DOT will email instructions for creating your eInvoicing account in mid-April. Instructions will contain a link to fill out an online profile and complete the User Account Application. This form will need to be notarized and mailed back to DOT before your account can be established. Once DOT verifies your information you will receive two emails containing your account username and password, respectively.

Submit a User Access Request Form
TMs and Manager, your designated Grants Program Analyst will email you a User Access Request form via email the week of Wednesday May 9th. Once the form is verified, an eInvoicing account will be established and you will be sent a username and password to access the system. This form must be completed and returned to:

  • Eternal Users (non-FAA employees)
    • Submit the form to their POC at their Regional Office.
  • Internal Users (FAA employees)

Complete Training
Several resources are available on the Delphi eInvoicing website including a Web-based Training (WBT) simulation, Desktop User Manual, Quick Reference Guide, etc. Please complete training in advance of eInvoicing go-live to ensure you’re up to speed on how to access and navigate your role within the application. Click on the following link to access training materials on the Delphi eInvoicing website:

User Support
The Delphi eInvoicing Help Desk will go-live on May 8, 2012. Technical issues related to system access (e.g. trouble logging-in or resetting your password) should be routed to the Help Desk. Help Desk contact information will be available on the Delphi eInvoicing System website in mid-May. All other questions related to system functionality (i.e. troubleshooting features after login) should be routed to the eInvoicing Project Deployment Lead:

Robert Clark
(202) 267-9684

If you have questions or concerns about the above information or need clarification on something not covered in this memo, please contact me directly.

Best regards,

Trina M. Bellamy
Grants Officer
Contracts and Grants Division AAQ-600

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