ATO International

ATO International ensures seamless operations and promotes harmonized international Air Traffic Management (ATM) standards by collaborating with international organizations, other air navigation service providers (ANSP), and airlines in support of the FAA’s global leadership initiatives.

With teams in Singapore, Brussels and Washington, DC, ATO International maintains their global focus in three key areas:




Represent and promote U.S. air traffic standards, procedures and technology in support of a cohesive global air transportation system – now and into the future – with international aviation organizations like the International Civil Aviation Organization  (ICAO),  Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) and Interagency Group on International Aviation (IGIA,) where ATO International serves as a leading Air Navigation Service Provider.



Review ICAO-initiated policies, standards and other documents and the positions crafted in response to them in order to ensure they have been coordinated within ATO, across other necessary FAA lines of business, and through the Interagency Group on International Aviation (IGIA).


Assist with coordination and oversight of international initiatives and ATM standards. Work collaboratively with ANSP partners and Industry through bilateral and multilateral forums to address operational issues, gain efficiencies and promote harmonized airspace.

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Last updated: Wednesday, September 14, 2022