Cross Polar Work Group (CPWG)


The Cross Polar WG provides a forum to improve air traffic services (ATS) for aircraft transiting polar and Russian Far East (RFE) airspace. The Cross Polar WG consists of air navigation service provider representatives from Russia, Canada, Iceland and the United States and international organizations representing airspace operator groups (e.g., the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) who operate in that airspace.

The Cross Polar WG will work cooperatively to identify and resolve issues that impact the efficiency of ATS primarily for flights operating in the airspace between North America and Russia. Though the Cross Polar WG will focus primarily on Polar and Trans-East airspace issues, in order to promote seamless, efficient and safe ATS, representatives from other organizations and ANS providers, including, but not limited to China, Mongolia, and Japan may also be invited to participate in Cross Polar WG activities, as appropriate.


In late 2006, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Federal Air Navigation Authority (FANA) met bi-laterally for discussions in Washington, D.C. One of the items discussed included the Russian American Coordinating Group for Air Traffic Control (RACGAT). Both FANA and FAA noted that the work and effort by the participants of RACGAT resulted in great achievements and successes including opening of the Trans East and Cross Polar routes through Russian airspace. RACGAT was a beneficial forum for its members but recent organizational restructuring and changes in participants, the group had not met since October 2003. During that time period, other groups including the Cross Polar Trans-East Air Traffic Management (ATM) Providers Working Group (CPWG) had been established and met to ensure continued international cooperation and address issues within the area. Both parties agreed that the first two meetings were proving the Cross Polar WG to be an effective forum for continued cooperation.

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Past Meetings

CPWG/30 Virtual Meeting, September 14-15, 2021

The thirtieth meeting of the Cross Polar Trans-East Air Traffic Management (ATM) Providers Working Group (CPWG/30) was held virtually on September 14-15, 2021 from 1300-1500 UTC.


All papers currently available for CPWG/30 (Zip).

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    CPWG/29 Virtual Meeting, March 9-10, 2021

    The twenty-ninth meeting of the Cross Polar Trans-East Air Traffic Management (ATM) Providers Working Group (CPWG/28) was heldvirtually on March 9-10, 2021.

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    All papers currently available for CPWG/29 (Zip).



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