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Safety and Technical Training

Our organization is responsible for the development of ATO's Safety Management System and the integration of safety and training standards into the provision of air traffic services. We also lead organizational efforts to manage risk, assure quality standards, instill an open culture of disclosure, educate employees and promote continuous improvement. We provide training programs that will produce the highly skilled technical workforce needed as the FAA transitions to the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

Reports and Plans

Air Traffic Organization 2015 Safety Report Cover Page Air Traffic Organization 2015 Safety Report (PDF, 2 MB)
By holding itself to the highest performance standards, the FAA continues to carry out its safety mission: providing the safest, most efficient airspace system in the world. This success is founded on a proactive approach to safety management that permeates the agency and is described by the simple motto "Collect, Find, Fix."

Transforming Risk Management Cover Page Transforming Risk Management - Understanding the Challenges of Safety Risk Measurement (PDF, 1.6 MB)
This paper describes recent improvements to the ATO's safety performance measurement infrastructure. It focuses, specifically, on our enhanced Risk Analysis Processes and on the deployment of an entirely new set of safety intelligence tools — our Key Safety Performance Indicators. Armed with this new knowledge, we are developing increasingly adaptive and anticipatory approaches to safety, and deploying ever more targeted and effective risk mitigation strategies.

National Runway Safety Plan 2015-2017 Cover Page National Runway Safety Plan 2015-2017 (PDF, 5.4 MB)
The National Runway Safety Plan outlines the transition from a reactive, event-based safety system to a proactive, risk-based system for Runway Safety. The comprehensive 3-year plan reaffirms our commitment to approaching Runway Safety corporately, working together across all FAA Lines of Business to achieve our Runway Safety goals.

National Runway Safety Report 2013-2014 Cover Page National Runway Safety Report 2013-2014 (PDF, 5.6 MB)
The National Runway Safety Report 2013-2014 highlights our runway safety initiatives and the improvement of surface environments since 2012, demonstrating how we use safety management principles to produce comprehensive corrective actions in response to the increasing complexity of today's aerospace system.

Past Reports and Plans


IHS Jane's ATC Awards 2015 Runway Award Winner
Winner FAA ATO – Converging Runway Operations
Through collaboration, proactive safety management and an aggressive approach, the ATO made one of the most substantial safety improvements to the national airspace system in the last 10 years.

IHS Jane's ATC Awards 2013 Acclaim the Best of Breed
Winner FAA ATO - Proactive Safety Management Initiative
The FAA Air Traffic Organization continues to implement a Proactive Safety Management strategy that focuses on data collection, analysis and systematic identification and removal of risk as a core organizational value; committing resources to identify, prioritize and mitigate the most severe hazards in US airspace; and implementing the largest voluntary reporting system in the world.

Safety Programs

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