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Welcome to the SWIM Industry-FAA Team (SWIFT) Initiative

What is SWIFT?

The System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Program provides the network-centric infrastructure enabling FAA programs to share information with aviation stakeholders. SWIM offers improved interoperability using industry-supported standards, proven infrastructure technologies and governance for sharing FAA data as information services. The public exchange of these information services extends beyond the FAA's boundary and is shared with the public through the National Airspace System (NAS) Enterprise Security Gateway and SWIM Cloud Distribution Service (SCDS).

The SWIM Industry-FAA Team (SWIFT) is an FAA forum, open to the public, offering a collaborative environment for outreach activities related to FAA information services shared via SWIM. The SWIFT was established in response to an (RTCA) request, to provide a venue where participants can engage and learn about NAS data and information services along with other SWIM services to improve system integration, automation, system interoperability and communication networks. The SWIFT has created a forum to provide greater context of information the FAA is making available to industry through SWIM. The SWIFT bridges the gap between operations and technology, addressing questions and concerns raised regarding data sharing and information services.


Meeting Name Date
SWIFT Meeting #13
Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 12:30pm.

Point of Contacts

Joshua Gustin
Group Manager, Communication, Information and Network Programs, FAA
(202) 267-2953
Stefanie Calabrese
(202) 267-3350
  • Jay Zimmer (LS Technologies) presents to the SWIFT a use case on using enhanced situational awareness through SWIM data and CDM to solve return-to-gate issues.

  • Felisa White, SWIM on-ramping lead, FAA, opens the SWIFT Forum on May 10, 2018.

  • Joshua Gustin, Group Manager for Communication, Information, and Network Programs (CINP), FAA, gives an update on the SWIM program to the SWIFT forum on May 10, 2018.

  • David Almeida (LS Technologies) worked with airlines to develop case studies that were presented at the third SWIFT meeting held on May 10, 2018.

  • Kathryn Crispin (American Airlines) and Stuart Wilson (LS Technologies) present their focus group on Operational Context and Use Case Documents on May 10, 2018.

Swim Portfolio
Making the Most of the Data
SWIM Information Services
Types of Data
Types of Data

Recent Documents

Document Name Date
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #12 11/19/20 (PDF) 11/19/2020
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #11 8/19/20 Q & A (PDF) 8/19/2020
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #11 8/19/20 (PDF) 8/19/2020
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #11 8/19/20 (PDF) 8/19/2020
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #10.5 7/8/20 (PDF) 7/8/2020
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #10 5/20/20 (PDF) 5/20/2020
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #9 2/25/20-2/26/20 (PDF) 2/25/2020
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #9 2/25/20-2/26/20 Q & A (PDF) 2/25/2020
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #9 2/25/2020 - Day 1 (PDF) 2/25/2020
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #9 2/26/2020 - Day 2 (PDF) 2/26/2020
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #8 11/7/2019 (PDF) 11/7/2019
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #8 11/7/2019 (PDF) 11/7/2019
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #7 8/8/2019 (PDF) 8/8/2019
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #7 8/8/2019 (PDF) 8/8/2019
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #6 - Day 1 5/21/2019 (PDF) 11/15/2018
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #6 - Day 2 5/22/2019 (PDF) 11/15/2018
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #6 - Day 1 5/21/2019 (PDF) 11/15/2018
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #6 - Day 2 5/22/2019 (PDF) 11/15/2018
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #5 11/15/2018 (PDF) 11/15/2018
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #5 11/15/2018 (PDF) 11/15/2018
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #4 8/15/2018 (PDF) 8/15/2018
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #4 8/15/2018 (PDF) 8/15/2018
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #3 3/10/2018 (PDF) 5/10/2018
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #3 3/10/2018 (PDF) 5/10/2018
SWIFT Meeting Minutes #2 2/8/2018 (PDF) 2/8/2018
SWIFT Meeting Presentation #2 2/7/2018 (PDF) 2/7/2018
SWIFT Meeting Minutes 11/9/2017 (PDF) 11/20/2017
SWIFT Meeting Presentation 11/9/2017 (PDF) 11/20/2017


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