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Common Support Services - Weather (CSS-Wx)

CSS-Wx is the single provider of weather data, products, and imagery within the National Airspace System (NAS), using standards-based weather dissemination via System Wide Information Management (SWIM). CSS-Wx makes available both NOAA and FAA NWP weather products for integration into air traffic decision support tools, improving the quality of traffic management decisions and reducing controller workload during severe weather. Products are provided via a set of common Web Services for weather, using internationally recognized data access and data format standards.

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FAA user consults weather-aware decision support tools in the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZNY). © Richard Ferris

Improvements with CSS-Wx

Facilitates consistent weather information

  • Publishes weather datasets in broadly-adopted geographic standardized formats
  • Simplifies global, national and inter-agency data exchange

Increases NAS weather access

  • Increases availability of common weather information
  • Provides image map rendering for consumer displays

Reduces interface development costs

  • Eliminates custom point-to-point interfaces
  • Transforms products into NAS legacy formats
  • Stores and archives aviation weather data sets

Reduces infrastructure / bandwidth costs

  • Filters weather information to provide user-specific subsets
  • Partners with SWIM to achieve enterprise-wide bandwidth efficiency
  • Provides hosted algorithm capability to support tailored product generation and display

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