Aviation Weather Display (AWD)

Controller in the Newark Air Traffic Control Tower
Today, users such as this controller in the Newark Air Traffic Control Tower, have multiple displays that may show different versions of the same weather product. Photo by Richard Ferris

Decision makers in the National Airspace System require a clear, consistent presentation of weather information to ensure efficient and safe air traffic operations. In the current environment, weather displays from the Weather and Radar Processor (WARP) and the Corridor Integrated Weather System (CIWS) depict different information — even when nominally displaying the same product. While some weather products are effectively integrated with operational decision support tools, users still require a dedicated weather display.

Part of the NextGen Weather Processor (NWP), the Aviation Weather Display (AWD) consolidates today's WARP and CIWS displays. The AWD provides consistent weather information "at a glance" for enroute and terminal users, and includes weather products from the NWP and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Legacy WARP and CIWS display content is consolidated on the AWD.
The Aviation Weather Display consolidates weather displays.

Improvements with AWD

  • Consolidates legacy weather display capabilities
  • Establishes new weather display architecture
  • Provides Geographic Information System with layers of information
  • Includes internal and external web browser access
  • Supports long range and terminal radar approach control facility graphic views
  • Permits integration of National Weather Service (NWS) icing & turbulence products with FAA radar mosaics
  • Provides display for NextGen Weather enhanced capabilities
The AWD is a multi-window display, showing here three windows. At left is the Precip product in the mid-Atlantic states, at top right is the 2-hr forecast in the Washington DC area, and at bottom right is Echo Tops with NWS SIGMETS overlaid in the eastern CONUS. Each window has a color legend in the upper left corner and a toolbar for selecting products across the bottom.
Demonstration of the Aviation Weather Display at the ATCA Conference in 2019 (Photo by Raytheon)
Last updated: Tuesday, July 19, 2022