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CSS-Wx Product Categories

Products from both NOAA and FAA NextGen Weather Processor (NWP) are handled by Common Support Services-Weather (CSS-Wx) for consumption by various FAA systems. The lists below show the categories of products obtained from each source, and provides a few examples of each. All products into and out of CSS-Wx are formatted according to the Open Geospatial Consortium standards. CSS-Wx provides Service Adaptors for systems that are not yet able to ingest the standardized formats.

NOAA Weather Product Categories

  • Numerical Forecast Models - Rapid Refresh Model (RAP), High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Model (HRRR), Short-Range Ensemble Forecast Model (SREF), North American Mesocale Model (NAM), etc.
  • Aviation Forecasts - Turbulence, Icing, etc.
  • Alphanumeric Products - Meteorological Aviation Report (METARs), Fronts, Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAFs), Pilot Reports, etc.
  • Imagery - Alaska and Guam Satellite, etc

NWP Weather Product Categories

  • Mosaic Products - Precipitation, Echo Tops, Satellite, etc.
  • Analysis Products - Microbursts, Terminal Winds, Gust Fronts, etc.
  • Predictive Products - 8-hour Precipitation, Phase, Confidence, 2-hour Fronts, etc.
  • Translation Products - 8-hour Convective Weather Avoidance Fields, etc.

A more comprehensive description of the NWP products can be found on the NextGen Weather Processor Products page.


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