PackSafe - Aerosols


Non-toiletry, WD-40, spray paint, spray starch, cooking spray, etc.

This entry is for flammable aerosols that don't qualify as a medicinal or toiletry article (see separate entry in the PackSafe chart).

Flammable aerosols that don't qualify as a medicinal or toiletry article are forbidden in carry-on and checked baggage.

Some of these products may only be flammable because of the propellant gases used in the aerosol. Look for non-aerosol versions of these products.


Nonflammable aerosols (with no other hazard), non-toiletry, some electronics cleaners, whipped cream

Nonflammable aerosols (hazard class 2.2 with no other hazard subrisks) that do not qualify for the medicinal/toiletry article exception may be carried in carry-on and checked baggage. Aerosol release devices (button/nozzle) must be protected with a cap or other means to protect against accidental release. The release of gas must also not cause extreme annoyance or discomfort to crew members so as to prevent the correct performance of assigned duties.

This includes, but is not limited to, aerosol items such as whipped cream and flat tire repair products.

For transportation purposes, an "aerosol" is a product that uses compressed gas to expel another material (liquid, powder, creams, etc.). Canisters containing compressed gases that are the product, (e.g., canned oxygen, refrigerant gases, compressed air for cleaning electronics) do not qualify as an aerosol and cannot use this exception.

Quantity limits: Included in, not in addition to, the quantity limits for medicinal and toiletry articles: The total aggregate quantity per person cannot exceed 2 kg (70 oz) or 2 L (68 fl oz). The capacity of each container must not exceed 0.5 kg (18 oz) or 500 ml (17 fl oz).

There are very few nonflammable aerosols. Check to make sure the container indicates it is nonflammable and has no other hazard indicators (flammable, poison, toxic, corrosive, oxidizer).

Regulation that allows it: 49 CFR 175.10(a)(1)(ii)

Last updated: Wednesday, January 24, 2024