Vapes On A Plane Marketing Kit

Electronic smoking devices, like vapes and e-cigarettes, contain lithium batteries and are considered dangerous goods due to their risk of smoke, fire and extreme heat. As such, they are restricted to on how they can be packed when preparing for travel on an aircraft. These devices were the leading cause of lithium battery incidents on aircraft in 2022.  

Passengers should keep the devices in the cabin, not in checked luggage. These devices should never be used or charged in the aircraft. 

Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers can help share the message of safety with customers and fellow airline passengers by using these marketing materials. 

Share the Message

For manufacturers and retailers, consider printing and posting one of these flyers at your shops or shipping with your products. 

When posting on social, please use the image files below and include the hashtags #PackSafe and #VapesOnAPlane. Not sure what to say? Consider sharing these messages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn or posting your own with these drafts: 

  • Vape pens, disposables, mods, e-cigs… these smoking devices are dangerous on flights. Please pack them safely for air travel by keeping them with you in the cabin, not in your checked bags. Do not use or charge them in the aircraft. #VapesOnAPlane #PackSafe 
  • Electronic smoking devices are a fire risk. Follow these tips for safe flights with your vape or e-cig: Keep them with you in the cabin, not in your checked bags. Do not use or charge in the aircraft. Learn more at #VapesOnAPlane #PackSafe 
  • You can help keep the skies safe! Follow these tips from the FAA when you carry your vape on your next flight. #VapesOnAPlane #PackSafe 
  • You can carry your vape or e-cig on a plane. Keep it in the cabin, but no smoking allowed! Learn more from FAA on how to safely pack your vape for air travel. #VapesOnAPlane #PackSafe 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are vapes and e-cigarettes considered dangerous goods? 

A: Electronic smoking devices are most often powered by lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can catch fire if damaged or if battery terminals are short-circuited. 

Q: Are rules for packing vapes the same on domestic and international flights? 

A: Yes. Rules pertaining to packing vapes focus on the use of lithium batteries in the devices. These rules are consistent with ICAO regulations. Liquid substances used in the devices can fall under separate regulations and restrictions. Refer to TSA’s liquids rule and consult your airline with concerns about the substance based on your destination. 

Q: Does the ban on smoking in the plane extend to vaping? 

A: Yes. Just as passengers are not allowed to smoke cigarettes on an aircraft, they should never use their vapes or e-cigarettes on an aircraft. It’s not only dangerous, it’s a federal offense. Learn more about the Department of Transportation’s ban on use of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights.  

Last updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2023