Lithium Battery Safety Resources

Lithium Batteries: What's the risk?

Lithium batteries are in products we use every day and can be dangerous on aircraft if not packed or shipped properly. This video was created for passengers, air carrier employees, gate agents, shippers, and consumers to reduce the risk of fire on an aircraft, especially in the cabin and flight deck by educating about the risk posed by lithium batteries.

Damaged or Recalled Batteries and Battery-Powered Devices

Damaged or recalled batteries and battery-powered devices, which are likely to create sparks or generate a dangerous evolution of heat, must not be carried aboard an aircraft (e.g. carry-on or checked baggage) unless the damaged or recalled battery has been removed or otherwise made safe. The airline may offer further public guidance on transporting individual recalled products.

For additional information on recalls, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission, manufacturer, or vendor website.

FAA Tech Center Lithium Battery Testing Videos

FAA Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFOs) and Information for Operators (InFOs)

International Safety Documents

Misc. Safety Documents

Last updated: Wednesday, August 24, 2022