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Unabsorbed liquid (desk/table lighters, antique wick lighters), Absorbed liquids, butane (Zippo type lighters and disposable lighters)

Lighters that use liquid fuel but do not have an absorbent lining are forbidden.

Absorbed liquid and butane lighters are limited to one lighter per passenger in carry-on or on one's person. When a carry-on bag is checked at the gate or at planeside, any lighter in the carry-on must be removed from the bag and kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin.

Butane torch lighters (a.k.a. blue flame lighters, jet flame lighters) are not allowed in the cabin or in checked baggage by both the Hazardous Materials Regulations and TSA security rules.

Regulatory information: See the regulation: 49 CFR 175.10(a)(2).

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