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Pack Safe

Batteries, wet, nonspillable

Small gel cell and absorbed electrolyte batteries for portable electronics

This entry is for nonspillable batteries with absorbed electrolyte (gel cell, absorbed glass mat, etc.) used in portable electronic devices. It does not cover large vehicle batteries. For battery-powered wheelchairs and mobility devices, see separate entry in this table.

The battery voltage must not exceed 12 volts and the battery watt hour rating must not exceed 100 watt hours. To calculate watt hours (Wh), multiply the battery's voltage (V) x Amp hours (Ah).

Quantity limits: No more than two spare (not installed in device/equipment) batteries may be carried.

Spare/uninstalled batteries must be in strong packaging.

Battery and outer packaging must be marked "nonspillable" or "nonspillable battery."

Battery-powered equipment must be protected against accidental activation.

See links below for full packaging requirements for nonspillable wet (gel cell) batteries.

See the regulations: 49 CFR 175.10(a)(18) and 49 CFR 173.159a(d)

View our illustrated guide at Airline Passengers and Batteries (PDF).