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Aviation Weather Research Program

The FAA's Aviation Weather Research Program (AWRP) sponsors applied research to minimize the impact of weather on the national airspace system and includes the following initiatives:

  • Meet specific NextGen weather information needs envisioned in NextGen operations
  • Mitigate weather-related safety and efficiency issues with a line of sight to operations
  • Evolve weather information required today in legacy capabilities to meet emerging NextGen needs, often in collaboration with the National Weather Service (NWS)

AWRP-sponsored research initiatives include automated turbulence, icing, ceiling and visibility forecasts and various flight planning tools and guidance. The FAA collaborates with the NWS on the web portal. The portal is hosted by the NWS Aviation Weather Center to provide fast, reliable access to advanced weather products and flight planning tools, including forecast products sponsored by the AWRP. A broad community of users, including pilots, dispatchers, and Flight Service Station briefers account for more than 10 million hits per day on this popular site.

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Graphical Turbulence Guidance produces automated forecast of turbulence location and intensity for use in flight planning.
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Forecast Icing Product produces automated forecast of icing intensity and severity for use in flight planning.

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