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User Identification Tool

Are you a Government agency (Federal, State, Tribal, and Territorial law), law enforcement, or a public safety entity? If you are unsure, click here to see if you qualify.

  • Yes.
    Are you planning to fly on behalf of a
    government agency AND does the
    mission meet the definition of a
    governmental function?
    • Yes.
      Does your agency currently own (or
      plan to own) and operate a drone OR
      have an exclusive lease on it for
      more than 90 days?
    • No.
      Does your drone weigh more than
      55 pounds?
      • Yes.
        Please contact us via email at
        or call (844) FLY-MyUA (844-359-6982).
      • No.
        Operate under Part 107 rules.
  • No.
    Are you Citizen of the United States
    or Resident alien?

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