Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) Application FAADroneZone (CADZ)

Important! Before You Get Started: The CADZ service is currently only available for Department of Defense (DOD) users that meet FAA requirements. All other government agencies, including tribal governments, interested in starting a public safety program please download our Drones for Public Agencies: A Guide to Starting Operations (PDF) to learn more about the process.


What is it? CADZ is a web-based service provided by the FAA for the processing of Unmanned Aircraft COA Applications and Airspace Access Authorizations (AAA) within the National Airspace System (NAS) for the Department of Defense (DOD) and other Public Aircraft Operators (PAOs).

  • COA is an authorization issued by the FAA to aircraft owned and operated by the armed forces of the United States, the federal government and governments of a State, the District of Columbia, Tribal Government or a territory or possession of the United States or a political subdivision of one of these governments. 
  • AAA is an authorization issued by the DOD to their operators for a specific drone activity conducted within DOD controlled airspace and Class G airspace.

How to create a CADZ account

Information needed:

  • Government entity:
    • Phone number
    • Name of DOD
    • Email address
    • Physical address or mailing address (if different from physical address)
  • Proponent (if different than entity): 
    • Phone number
    • Email address


  • Drones must be owned/leased (90 continuous day minimum) and operated by government agencies (including Federal, State, county, city and tribal).
  • Planned operations cannot be conducted for commercial purposes (compensation or hire). 

Where to create an account:

Navigating the account creation process:

  • Create an account or log in to FAADroneZone
    • Complete information fields and then click “Create Account”
    • Check the email you used to set up your account and then click “Verify Account”.
    • Click on “Back to Login”
    • Type your email and password and then click “Log In” 
  • Click on “Add a Service”
    • Select the “Government, Public, and other part 91 Civil Operators” by clicking on “Select CADZ Service” and then click “Add Service”
    • Click on “Launch CADZ Dashboard”
  • Click on “Set up DOD Account”
    • Complete the information fields and select “Yes” if proponent is a DOD contractor otherwise, select “No”
    • Click on “Complete Profile”
    • Note: If you are a contractor for the DOD entity, you must complete the “DOD Sponsor Email” field with an email address that ends with “.mil” and attach a signed authorization document.
  • The DOD Pending Approval page displays a reference number for your record. 

CADZ Inventory and Application Services

Once you have received account approval from the respective DOD entity, you will gain access to the drone inventory and the AAA/COA application within the CADZ service. 

How to add Drones to Your Inventory:

  • Click on “Manage UAS Inventory” within the CADZ dashboard.
    • Complete the information fields and then click “Review UAS”
    • Click on “Save UAS”

How to create an AAA/COA Application:

  • Click on “Create Public Aircraft COA Application”
    • Select “Manage Public Aircraft COA Applications”
    • Complete/confirm the information fields and select all applicable options. 
    • Click on “Save & Proceed” 
    • Note: The “Save & Proceed” button saves your input and generates a draft reference number.
    • Click on “Add Attachment” (if applicable) to add any additional supporting documentation.
    • Click on “Submit COA”
  • The confirmation page displays the application reference number for your records.

Got Questions? Contact the UAS Support Center 

Last updated: Tuesday, October 24, 2023