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LAANC for Industry

Important information update for all 2019 USS applications

To increase industry participation the agency has extended the application period for prospective UAS Service Suppliers of LAANC. The new application deadline is March 18, 2019.

In addition, to accommodate upgrades to the LAANC system and meet the requirements of the 2018 Reauthorization Act (PDF), there will be one onboarding process that extends into fall 2019, not two as previously announced.

How does LAANC benefit Industry?

The FAA is dedicated to ensuring drones are able to operate safely in the same airspace with manned aircraft. The LAANC capability offers industry the opportunity to work with the agency as we develop a UAS traffic management system. Companies approved to provide LAANC Services are known as Approved UAS Service Suppliers (USS).

How to participate?

The FAA plans to host two USS application periods a year, each consisting of four steps. The entire process takes approximately five months to complete.

Applicants should have a mature product at the time of application or have the capability to develop it before Formal Onboarding.

Before applying respondents must read and understand the following documents:

Upon successful completion of all onboarding activities, the FAA will sign the MOA and the USS will receive notification that it may begin providing LAANC services.

LAANC 10 Month Onboarding Process

10 Month Process


FAA Submission










January 7, 2019 - March 18, 2019 Application Period

USS onboarding application submission must include:

  • Completed USS Application package
  • Signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

March 19, 2019 - May 26, 2019 FAA Submission Review

  • FAA has 30 days to respond whether the applicant meets requirements to continue in the process.
  • During review, the FAA may ask applicants for additional information based on submitted materials

May 27, 2019 - August 16, 2019 Technical Interviews

  • FAA invites applicants that pass the review to demo & discuss their product.
  • If product meets the USS operating rules proceed to the formal onboarding phase

August 17, 2019 - October 21, 2019 Formal Onboarding

  • Applicants proceed to system integration with the LAANC Automation Platform in a staging environment
  • Applicants must demonstrate successful execution of validation scenarios to show compliance with the LAANC USS Operating rules
  • Applicants have two attempts to pass the compliance demonstrations/tests
  • MOA countersigned by FAA upon successful completion of all onboarding activities

The LAANC capability is in a test phase, prospective applicants should expect changes to the application process, and requirements. Sign up for LAANC related updates.

Interested parties should note:

  • Any information pertaining to the application period is hosted on this website, and through the FAA's digital channels.
  • This is not a regular government acquisition; there is no Screening Information Request (SIR) or Request for Proposals (RFP) related to this effort.
  • The FAA is not seeking or accepting unsolicited proposals outside of this application process.
  • The FAA will not pay for any information received or costs incurred at any point in the onboarding process
  • Vendor participation in any informational session during the application process is not a promise for future collaboration with the FAA
  • Application requirements are available in the USS onboarding document (PDF) .

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