FAA-Recognized Identification Areas (FRIAs)

If your drone doesn't have Remote ID, you may be able to operate within a FRIA.

What is a FRIA?"Drones Without Remote ID can fly in FAA-Recognized Identification Area or FRIA"

A FRIA is a defined geographic area where drones can be flown without Remote ID equipment. Both the drone and the pilot must be located within the FRIA's boundaries throughout the operation. In addition, the pilot of the drone must be able to see it at all times throughout the duration of the flight.

Note: Standard Remote ID drones and drones equipped with a Remote ID broadcast module may also fly in a FRIA, but must broadcast Remote ID information.

Where are FRIAs?


Visit our FRIA Locations Map

mapy showing a portion of the United State, with a button labeled "open" in the center

The FAA publishes the locations of approved FRIAs on the FAA's UAS Data Delivery System which is an FAA-enabled web service that makes data available to drone pilots and stakeholders.
While flying in a FRIA, drone pilots are responsible for being aware of the airspace they are operating in. These additional resources will help you determine where you can legally fly and if you need a prior airspace authorization.

Who can apply for a FRIA?

Only FAA-recognized Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and educational institutions such as primary and secondary schools, trade schools, colleges, and universities are eligible to request the establishment of a FRIA.

How to apply for a FRIA:

FRIA applications are accepted through the FAADroneZone website
1.    Create an account, or log into your existing account.
2.    Click “Add a Service” from the FAADroneZone Services screen.
3.    Click “Select FRIA Service” followed by the “Add Service” button.
4.    Launch the FRIA dashboard and then confirm your profile.
5.    Click “Create a FRIA Application” from the FRIA dashboard.
6.    Complete and submit the FRIA application.

For further guidance on the FRIA application, read Advisory Circular 89-3.

For additional information on FRIA, read 14 CFR Part 89.

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Last updated: Tuesday, April 23, 2024