Remote ID for Industry and Standards Bodies

Remote ID is the ability of a drone in flight to provide identification and location information that can be received by other people through a broadcast signal.

Standard Remote ID drones and Remote ID broadcast modules must be designed and produced to meet the requirements of Part 89. Drone technology is continually evolving, making it necessary to harmonize new regulatory action with technological advancements. 

Means of Compliance (MOC)

A Remote ID MOC describes the methods by which a person complies with the performance-based requirements for Remote ID. These performance-based requirements indicate the desired outcomes, goals, and results for Remote ID without establishing a specific means or process for regulated entities to follow.  Anyone may submit a Remote ID MOC to the FAA for evaluation and possible acceptance. In particular, the FAA encourages consensus standards bodies to develop Remote ID MOC and submit for acceptance because these bodies generally incorporate openness, balance, due process, appeals process, and peer review.

Guidance on the Remote MOC process can be found in Advisory Circular 89-1. Remote ID MOC submissions should be sent by email to

Declaration of Compliance (DOC)

A Remote ID DOC is a record submitted by a manufacturer to the FAA to attest their Standard Remote ID drone and/or Remote ID broadcast module (for operation in U.S. airspace) meets the Remote ID performance requirements referenced in an FAA-accepted Remote ID MOC. 

Manufacturers of Standard Remote ID drones who are seeking a design or production approval under Part 21 must show compliance with the Remote ID requirements through that process rather than filing a Remote ID DOC.  

Manufacturers of a kit containing all of the parts and instructions necessary for building a drone must submit a Remote ID DOC to the FAA to meet the production requirements of the Remote ID rule. The person who assembles the kit does not need to submit a Remote ID DOC if they are building it for their own recreation or education. However, they must meet the operational requirements of the Remote ID rule when flying it.

Guidance on the Remote ID DOC process can be found in Advisory Circular 89-2. Remote ID DOC submissions should be sent through the FAA's UAS DOC website.


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Last updated: Wednesday, April 17, 2024