Remote ID Notice of Identification (NOI) for Foreign Registered Drones

Operators of foreign registered drones with Remote Identification in the United States are required to first submit a Notice of Identification to the FAA. An NOI can be submitted by visiting the FAADroneZone at no cost. The NOI is required whether flying recreationally or under Part 107.

If you are not sure if your drone has Remote ID, please check with the manufacturer for assistance. The drone or Remote ID broadcast module must be listed on an FAA-accepted Declaration of Compliance to use it in the United States. You can check to see if you drone or module is listed.

What is it? Notice of Identification is a requirement for operators of foreign-registered drones with Remote ID to submit information to the FAA prior to operating their drone in the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS).

Note: If your drone is not registered in a country outside the United States, but meets the FAA’s registration requirements, visit the FAADroneZone and follow the FAA’s registration process. By following the registration process, you will receive a certificate to show recognition of UAS ownership.

Beginning September 16, 2023, if your drone requires an FAA NOI or recognition of UAS ownership, it will also be required to broadcast Remote ID information (unless flown within a FRIA). 

How to submit a Notice of Identification in FAADroneZone

Information needed from the person operating the foreign registered drone:

  • Name of the person
  • Physical address and mailing address (if different from physical address) 
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Make and model of your drone
  • Remote ID serial number from the Standard Remote ID drone or Remote ID broadcast module
  • Country of registration of the drone
  • Registration number

Instructions on how to submit an NOI:

  • Log in or create an account online at FAADroneZone
    • Click on the button labeled “Add a Service”, or if you have previously added the NOI service then skip to the next step
    • Click on “Select Notice Service”, then click “Add Service”
    • Once the service has been added click on “Launch Notice Dashboard”
    • Review your profile information then click on “Confirm Profile”
  • Click on “Launch Notice Dashboard”
    • Click on “Create a Notice”
    • Fill out the NOI form and then click on “Save & Proceed”

     Note: Provide the First Name and Last Name if the operator is an individual, or the Organization Name if applicable instead.

  • Click on “Add Aircraft”
    • Fill out the form and then click on “Add Aircraft”
    • Click on “Save & Proceed”
    • Review your NOI then click on “Submit”
    • You will receive a Confirmation of Identification (CID)
  • Click on “Done” to complete the process

Instructions on how to edit an NOI:

  • Log in to your FAADroneZone account
  • Click on “Launch Notice Dashboard”
  • Locate the Confirmation of Identification (CID) that needs updating and click on “Edit” in the lower left of the CID
    • Locate the aircraft within the inventory near the bottom of the page and click on the 3 vertical dots and select “Edit”.
    • Make the necessary updates and then click on “Update UA”

    Note: Once “Edit” has been selected you will have the option to make updates to the operator information, authorized representative, add an aircraft, and/or update an existing aircraft.

  • If adding a new aircraft to the selected NOI inventory, click on “Add Aircraft”
    • Fill out the form and then click on “Add Aircraft”
  • Click on “Return to Dashboard” to complete the process

After You Submit a NOI

Once you submit your NOI, the FAA will issue a Confirmation of Identification (CID). The person operating the foreign registered drone must have the CID at the drone's control station, and be able to produce the CID when requested by the FAA or a law enforcement officer. Having an electronic copy is acceptable.
Also, the holder of a CID must ensure that the information provided to the FAA regarding their NOI remains accurate and must update the information prior to operating a foreign registered drone in the United States.

Got Questions? Contact the UAS Support Center 


Last updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2023