The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)

Take the Drone Safety Test

TRUST is The Recreational UAS Safety Test. It provides education and testing for recreational flyers on important safety and regulatory information. If you fly your drone recreationally under the Exception for Recreational Flyers you must pass the test before you fly.

Note: Federal law requires all recreational flyers to pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test. The FAA developed The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) to meet this requirement.

All recreational drone flyers need to understand the requirements (49 U.S.C 44809) for flying safely and pass The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). After you pass the test, you will receive a completion certificate. Be sure to keep this required certificate with you when you fly your drone.

Note: If your drone weighs more than .55 pounds (lbs), you must register your drone through the FAA's Drone Zone.

Before you fly your drone

  1. Understand recreational flying requirements
  2. Take TRUST
    • You may take the free online test through any of the FAA approved test administrators.
    • All FAA-approved TRUST test administrators offer the test free.
    • All test questions are correctable to 100% prior to issuing your completion certificate.
    • After completing TRUST, you'll need to download, save or print your completion certificate.
    • If you lose your certificate, you will need to re-take TRUST.
    View a list of TRUST Test Administrators
  3. Receive your certificate
    • After you pass the test, you will receive a certificate from the test administrator you selected.
    • Test administrators will not keep a record of your certificate. You must present a copy of your certificate if asked by law enforcement officers.
Last updated: Thursday, June 16, 2022