Section 333 Authorizations Granted

The 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act (P. L. 115-254) repealed Section 333 and replaced it with Section 44807. You can read Section 333 historical data below.

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Grant Issued Sort ascending Petitioner Operation/Mission Authorizations
R1 Flight Operations LLC aka R1 LLC Flight Operations Wedding videography and photography, and real estate photography Exemption 14822 (PDF)
Kyle Thomas Downard dba Falcon Photographics Inc Aerial photography and videography of real estate, diving and snorkeling, agriculture, yacht boat sales, construction sites, golf courses, hotels and resorts, and weddings Exemption 16722 (PDF)
Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging LLC Aerial photography and videography services for real estate brokers, appraisers, property managers; builders of homes and buildings; solar panel installers; farmers; chambers of commerce and associated businesses for marketing campaigns; inspections of utilities; public agencies; and wildlife conservation organizations Exemption 11790 (PDF)
The Los Angeles Rams LLC Aerial data collection in support of professional sports activities and closed set motion picture and television production Exemption 15245 (PDF)
Interactive Aerial Photography, videography, inspection of infrastructure, surveying, mapping, photogrammetry, precision agriculture, and scientific and environmental research Exemption 14809 (PDF)
BR Capital dba Drone Missions.US. UAS flight training, agriculture, education, real estate photography, videography, film and movie production, and demonstration flights Exemption 14430 (PDF)
RoseCity 3D dba Aerotel Unmanned Systems Aerial photography and videography for marketing, real estate, surveys, and roof inspections. Exemption 16496 (PDF)
Leading Edge Technologies Inc Precision agriculture Exemption 11797 (PDF)
Bell Air LLC Aerial photography, cinematography, structural and agricultural inspection, real estate imaging, motion picture and television operations Exemption 15254 (PDF)
Insurance Services Office Inc Imagery and analytics in underwriting, catastrophe response, roof inspection, and claim resolution Exemption 13057 (PDF)
Drone Services Orlando LLC Aerial photography for the commercial video industry Exemption 16134 (PDF)
Aerial Technology International LLC dba ATIP, Aerial Technology International Production, Apex Innovations Aerial film and videography, photography, agricultural mapping, surveying, and infrastructure inspections Exemption 12659 (PDF)
Drone Survey Solutions Aerial photography and videography Exemption 12149 (PDF)
CloudD8ta LLC Aerial photography, video, and survey Exemption 14248 (PDF)
Raytheon Company Testing of the Raytheon radar system and other advanced defense technologies Exemption 12403 (PDF)
Topview Inc Aerial photography, videography, cinematography, inspections, precision agriculture, closed-set filming, search and rescue operations, and UAS training Exemption 12697 (PDF)
Tango Whiskey Innovations LLC Aerial photography and videography Exemption 15462 (PDF)
SupraOptix LLC Aerial surveys, photography, videography, and inspections Exemption 12046 (PDF)
Carolina Aerial Imaging Aerial videography and photography Exemption 12984 (PDF)
3D Drafting LLC Land surveying and mapping services in New York and Hawaii Exemption 11948 (PDF)
Matthew Roderick dba Rapid Aerial LLC Aerial photography, surveys, marketing, motion picture filming, inspections, and search and rescue operations Exemption 12918 (PDF)
G-Space Aerial Imagery LLC Aerial video and photography of construction sites, real estate and private property, events, and landscape over certain areas of the United States Exemption 11908 (PDF)
L.A. Drones LLC Aerial photography, videography, closed-set motion picture and television production, precision agriculture, and surveys Exemption 14422 (PDF)
Bon Air Drone LLC Mapping and surveys for marketing, advertising, inspections, and appraisals of land development, insurance claims, golf course planning, forestry, agriculture, construction sites, real estate, wildlife management, resorts and recreation, vineyard and winery, and events Exemption 16296 (PDF)
Yield Scout LLC Scouting, photographing, mapping, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, video, Orthomosaic, 2D and 3D LiDAR mapping, surveying, thermal imaging, and crop/subsurface condition evaluation in the precision agricultural industry Exemption 15700 (PDF)


Last updated: Thursday, May 18, 2023