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Complaints about Airport Compliance


When airports receive Federal grant funds or the transfer of Federal property for airport purposes, their owners or sponsors must accept certain obligations and conditions. These obligations may be incurred by contract (Grant Assurances) or by restrictive covenants in property deeds. Anyone concerned about an airport's compliance with these obligations may file informal or formal complaints with FAA.

Informal Complaints (Part 13)

The FAA accepts informal complaints either verbally or in writing under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 13 (Part 13), Investigative and Enforcement Procedures (Section 13.1 only) (XML). FAA regional staff usually looks into these complaints. Part 13 imposes no time deadlines for issuing decisions.

Formal Complaints (Part 16)

The FAA accepts formal complaints in writing under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 16 (Part 16), Rules of Practice for Federally-Assisted Airport Enforcement Proceedings (XML). Parties filing under Part 16 must be substantially affected by the alleged noncompliance. FAA headquarters staff looks into these complaints.

Part 16 imposes strict deadlines for filing, adjudication, and appeal. The Regulation lists specific requirements for filing a Part 16 complaint.

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