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2015 Re-Evaluation of the O'Hare Modernization Environmental Impact Statement

The City of Chicago (City) has undertaken a program to modernize Chicago O'Hare International Airport (O'Hare) as approved in the O'Hare Modernization Environmental Impact Statement issued by FAA in July 2005. Designed to facilitate a primarily east and west traffic flow, the O'Hare Modernization Program (OMP) Build-Out is depicted on the FAA-approved Airport Layout Plan for O'Hare. The OMP runway projects completed include: new Runway 9L/27R on the north airfield and the extension to Runway 10L/28R on the south airfield, both of which were commissioned in 2008; and new Runway 10C/28C that was commissioned on October 17, 2013.

In January 2011, both United and American Airlines filed a state court lawsuit against the City regarding the timing and funding for the Completion Phase of the OMP. In March 2011, following negotiations with signatory airlines, it was announced there would be a construction schedule modification to the remaining airfield projects included in the OMP. The negotiations led to an agreement on a schedule to construct portions of the Completion Phase (Phase 2A) and an agreement to reconvene in March 2013 to begin to negotiate construction of the remaining portions of the Program (Phase 2B). Phase 2A includes the southern Runway 10R/28L and associated projects, plus North Airfield enabling projects (see diagram). Specifically, the commissioning of new Runway 10R/28L, new Runway 9C/27C and the extension of Runway 9R/27L would not occur within a single year, 2013, as previously documented in the EIS. Instead, Runway 10R/28L will be commissioned on October 15, 2015, new Runway 9C/27C is planned to be commissioned in November 2020, and the extension of Runway 9R/27L is planned to be commissioned in November 2021.

Substantial steps have been taken, and continue to occur, to construct Runway 9C/27C and the extension to Runway 9R/27L, including site preparation and construction of enabling projects. The current Re-Evaluation of the O'Hare Modernization Environmental Impact Statement will enable the FAA to consider and disclose any temporary impacts associated with the modified construction schedule. As noted above, the final airfield project – the extension of Runway 9R/27L just north of the terminal complex – is planned to be commissioned by November 2021, and when open, will represent the full completion of the Build Out presented in the original Environmental Impact Statement.

This Re-Evaluation was conducted to evaluate changes associated with the airfield construction schedule modifications that alter the timing for commissioning new Runway 10R/28L, new Runway 9C/27C, and the extension of 9R/27L, all of which were included in the original EIS but at different completion dates than those above. As such, the two interim conditions evaluated in this Re-Evaluation are:

  • Airfield present after the October 15, 2015 commissioning of Runway 10R/28L, and
  • Airfield present after the November 2020 commissioning of Runway 9C/27C.

A Re-Evaluation is a document the responsible FAA official prepares to document the validity of an Environmental Assessment or an Environmental Impact Statement. Conversely, a Re-Evaluation may conclude that substantial changes to the project or new information pertaining to affected environmental resources require preparation of a new Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement (FAA Order 5050.4b Para. 5(v)). This Re-Evaluation of the Environmental Impact Statement was being prepared to determine the validity of the Environmental Impact Statement by demonstrating if the data and analyses of the original Environmental Impact Statement are still substantially valid and if there are no new circumstances bearing on the original Proposed Action or its impacts. It also was conducted to determine if pertinent conditions of the prior Environmental Impact Statement approval have been shown to have been met or that they still will be.

Final Re-Evaluation

The Final Re-Evaluation of the O'Hare Modernization Environmental Impact Statement is available online to the public through the following links. For ease of accessing the document, FAA has divided the document into the chapters and appendices listed below. It is recommended that the reader download the document to their computer rather than attempt opening the files on the FAA website.

The Final Re-Evaluation was provided to the following libraries for public viewing to start on October 14, 2015:


The Final Re-Evaluation libraries
Library Name Street Address City/Village
Addison Public Library 4 Friendship Pl. Addison
Albany Park Library  3401 W. Foster Ave. Chicago 
Arlington Heights Library 500 N. Dunton Ave. Arlington Heights
Austin Irving Library 6100 E. Irving Park Rd. Chicago 
Bartlett Public Library 800 South Bartlett Rd. Bartlett
Bellwood Public Library 600 Bohland Ave. Bellwood
Bensenville Community Public Library 200 S. Church Rd. Bensenville
Berkeley Public Library 1637 Taft Ave. Berkeley
Bezazian Library  1226 W. Ainslie St. Chicago 
Bloomingdale Public Library 101 Fairfield Way Bloomingdale
Bucktown - Wicker Park Library 1701 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago 
Budlong Woods Library 5630 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago 
Carol Stream Public Library 616 Hiawatha Dr. Carol Stream
College of DuPage Library 425 Fawell Blvd. Glen Ellyn
Conrad Sulzer Regional Library 4455 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago 
Des Plaines Public Library 1501 Ellinwood Ave. Des Plaines
Dunning Library  7455 W. Cornelia Ave. Chicago 
Edgebrook Library  5331 W. Devon Ave. Chicago
Edgewater Library 6000 N. Broadway Chicago 
Eisenhower Public Library 4652 N. Olcott Ave. Harwood Heights
Elk Grove Village Public Library 1001 Wellington Ave. Elk Grove Village
Elmhurst Public Library 211 Prospect Ave. Elmhurst
Elmwood Park Public Library 4 W. Conti Pkwy. Elmwood Park
Evanston Public Library 1703 Orrington Ave. Evanston
Forest Park Public Library 7555 Jackson Blvd. Forest Park
Franklin Park Public Library 10311 Grand Ave. Franklin Park
Galewood - Mont Clare Library 6871 W. Belden Ave. Chicago 
Glendale Heights Library 25 E. Fullerton Ave. Glendale Heights
Glenview Public Library 1930 Glenview Rd. Glenview
Glen Ellyn Public Library 400 Duane St. Glen Ellyn
Hanover Park Branch Library 1266 Irving Park Rd. Hanover Park
Harold Washington Library 400 S. State St. Chicago
Hillside Public Library 405 Hillside Ave. Hillside
Hoffman Estates Library 1550 Hassell Rd. Hoffman Estates
Humboldt Park Library 1605 N. Troy St. Chicago 
Independence Library 3548 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago 
Itasca Community Library 500 W. Irving Park Rd. Itasca
Jefferson Park Library  5363 W. Lawrence Ave. Chicago 
Lincoln Belmont Library  1659 W. Melrose St.  Chicago 
Lincoln Park Library 1150 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago
Logan Square Library 3030 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago 
Lombard Public Library 110 W. Maple St. Lombard
MayFair Library 4400 W. Lawrence Ave. Chicago 
Maywood Public Library 121 S. 5th Ave. Maywood
Melrose Park Public Library 801 N. Broadway Melrose Park
Merlo Library  644 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago 
Morton Grove Public Library 6140 Lincoln Ave. Morton Grove
Mount Prospect Public Library 10 S. Emerson St. Mount Prospect
Niles Public Library 6960 W. Oakton St. Niles
North Austin Library 5724 W. North Ave. Chicago 
North Pulaski Library 4300 W. North Ave. Chicago 
Northlake Public Library 231 N. Wolf Rd. Northlake
Northtown Library  6435 N. California Ave. Chicago 
Oak Park Public Library 834 Lake St. Oak Park
Oakton Community College Library 1616 E. Golf Rd. Des Plaines
Oriole Park Library  7454 W. Balmoral Ave. Chicago 
Park Ridge Public Library 20 S. Prospect Ave. Park Ridge
Portage-Cragin Library  5108 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago 
Prospect Heights Public Library 12 North Elm Street Prospect Heights
River Forest Public Library 735 Lathrop Ave. River Forest
River Grove Public Library 8638 W. Grand Ave. River Grove
Roden Library  6083 N. Northwest Highway Chicago 
Rogers Park Library 6907 N. Clark St.  Chicago 
Rolling Meadows Library 3110 Martin Ln. Rolling Meadows
Roselle Public Library 40 South Park St. Roselle
Schaumburg Township District Library 130 S. Roselle Rd. Schaumburg
Schiller Park Public Library 4200 Old River Rd. Schiller Park
Skokie Public Library 5215 Oakton Street Skokie
Uptown Library  929 W. Buena Ave. Chicago 
Villa Park Public Library 305 S. Ardmore Ave. Villa Park
West Belmont 3104 N. Narragansett Ave. Chicago 
Wilmette Public Library 1242 Wilmette Ave. Wilmette
Wood Dale Public Library 520 N. Wood Dale Rd. Wood Dale

Draft Re-Evaluation

The Draft Re-Evaluation of the O'Hare Modernization Environmental Impact Statement is available online to the public through the following links. For ease of accessing the document, FAA has divided the document into the chapters and appendices listed below. It is recommended that the reader download the document to their computer rather than attempt opening the files on the FAA website. Information on Public Workshops and commenting on the Draft Re-Evaluation is also provided at the bottom of this page.

The Draft Re-Evaluation was provided to the following libraries to be available for review through August 26, 2015:


The Draft Re-Evaluation libraries
Library Name Street Address City/Village
Addison Public Library4 Friendship Pl.Addison
Albany Park Library 3401 W. Foster Ave.Chicago
Arlington Heights Library500 N. Dunton Ave.Arlington Heights
Austin Irving Library6100 E. Irving Park Rd.Chicago
Bartlett Public Library800 South Bartlett Rd.Bartlett
Bellwood Public Library600 Bohland Ave.Bellwood
Bensenville Community Public Library200 S. Church Rd.Bensenville
Berkeley Public Library1637 Taft Ave.Berkeley
Bezazian Library 1226 W. Ainslie St.Chicago
Bloomingdale Public Library101 Fairfield WayBloomingdale
Bucktown – Wicker Park Library1701 N. Milwaukee Ave.Chicago
Budlong Woods Library5630 N. Lincoln Ave.Chicago
Carol Stream Public Library616 Hiawatha Dr.Carol Stream
College of DuPage Library425 Fawell Blvd.Glen Ellyn
Conrad Sulzer Regional Library4455 N. Lincoln Ave.Chicago
Des Plaines Public Library1501 Ellinwood Ave.Des Plaines
Dunning Library 7455 W. Cornelia Ave.Chicago
Edgebrook Library 5331 W. Devon Ave.Chicago
Edgewater Library6000 N. BroadwayChicago
Eisenhower Public Library4652 N. Olcott Ave.Harwood Heights
Elk Grove Village Public Library1001 Wellington Ave.Elk Grove Village
Elmhurst Public Library211 Prospect Ave.Elmhurst
Elmwood Park Public Library4 W. Conti Pkwy.Elmwood Park
Evanston Public Library1703 Orrington Ave.Evanston
Forest Park Public Library7555 Jackson Blvd.Forest Park
Franklin Park Public Library10311 Grand Ave.Franklin Park
Galewood – Mont Clare Library6871 W. Belden Ave.Chicago
Glendale Heights Library25 E. Fullerton Ave.Glendale Heights
Glenview Public Library1930 Glenview Rd.Glenview
Glen Ellyn Public Library400 Duane St.Glen Ellyn
Hanover Park Branch Library1266 Irving Park Rd.Hanover Park
Harold Washington Library400 S. State St.Chicago
Hillside Public Library405 Hillside Ave.Hillside
Hoffman Estates Library1550 Hassell Rd.Hoffman Estates
Humboldt Park Library1605 N. Troy St.Chicago
Independence Library3548 W. Irving Park Rd.Chicago
Itasca Community Library500 W. Irving Park Rd.Itasca
Jefferson Park Library 5363 W. Lawrence Ave.Chicago
Lincoln Belmont Library 1659 W. Melrose St. Chicago
Lincoln Park Library1150 W. Fullerton Ave.Chicago
Logan Square Library3030 W. Fullerton Ave.Chicago
Lombard Public Library110 W. Maple St.Lombard
MayFair Library4400 W. Lawrence Ave.Chicago
Maywood Public Library121 S. 5th Ave.Maywood
Melrose Park Public Library801 N. BroadwayMelrose Park
Merlo Library 644 W. Belmont Ave.Chicago
Morton Grove Public Library6140 Lincoln Ave.Morton Grove
Mount Prospect Public Library10 S. Emerson St.Mount Prospect
Niles Public Library6960 W. Oakton St.Niles
North Austin Library5724 W. North Ave.Chicago
North Pulaski Library4300 W. North Ave.Chicago
Northlake Public Library231 N. Wolf Rd.Northlake
Northtown Library 6435 N. California Ave.Chicago
Oak Park Public Library834 Lake St.Oak Park
Oakton Community College Library1616 E. Golf Rd.Des Plaines
Oriole Park Library 7454 W. Balmoral Ave.Chicago
Park Ridge Public Library20 S. Prospect Ave.Park Ridge
Portage-Cragin Library 5108 W. Belmont Ave.Chicago
Prospect Heights Public Library12 North Elm StreetProspect Heights
River Forest Public Library735 Lathrop Ave.River Forest
River Grove Public Library8638 W. Grand Ave.River Grove
Roden Library6083 N. Northwest HighwayChicago
Rogers Park Library6907 N. Clark St. Chicago
Rolling Meadows Library3110 Martin Ln.Rolling Meadows
Roselle Public Library40 South Park St.Roselle
Schaumburg Township District Library130 S. Roselle Rd.Schaumburg
Schiller Park Public Library4200 Old River Rd.Schiller Park
Skokie Public Library5215 Oakton StreetSkokie
Uptown Library 929 W. Buena Ave.Chicago
Villa Park Public Library305 S. Ardmore Ave.Villa Park
West Belmont3104 N. Narragansett Ave.Chicago
Wilmette Public Library1242 Wilmette Ave.Wilmette
Wood Dale Public Library520 N. Wood Dale Rd.Wood Dale

Public Workshops

The FAA sought comments from Federal, State, local entities, and the public on the Draft Re-Evaluation. The FAA conducted four public workshops on:

The meetings were workshop style with a room for the public to ask questions to the FAA and its consultants directly, with presentation boards depicting information contained in the Draft Re-Evaluation. There also were separate rooms with multiple court reporter stations for the public to provide verbal comments, on the record, after participating in the workshop. Comment forms were also available for use at the workshops.

Commenting on the Draft Re-Evaluation of the O'Hare Modernization EIS

The comment period on the Draft Re-Evaluation was from July 27, 2015 through August 26, 2015. Comments were directed to Ms. Amy Hanson, Federal Aviation Administration, 2300 East Devon Avenue, Des Plaines, Illinois 60018; (847) 294-7046 (facsimile); or via email: Comments must have been postmarked and emails sent by no later than by midnight on August 26, 2015.

If you have any problems accessing any of the information presented on this website, please e-mail

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