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  • Office visits are by appointment only.
  • A Government issued ID must be presented at the time of appointment.
  • When scheduling an appointment with the Alabama FSDO, please review FAA Guidance before visiting.
  • Below are commonly requested appointments, some of which can be accomplished with local Designated Examiners. Use the following link to prepare prior to your arrival. FAA ORDER 8900.1
    • Verification of Authenticity of a Foreign License/Medical (FAA Letter of Authenticity)
    • Airframe / Powerplant Authorization: FAA ORDER 8900.1, VOL 5, CH 5, SEC 2
    • Flight Instructor Renewal: FAA Order 8900.1, VOL5, CH 2, SEC 11
    • Ground Instructor: FAA ORDER 8900.1, VOL 5, CH 2, SEC 17
    • Inspection Authorization (IA): FAA ORDER 8900.1, VOL5, CH 5, SEC 7 & 8
    • Military Competency: FAA ORDER 8900.1, VOL 5, CH 2, SEC 15
    • Name Change: FAA ORDER 8900.1, VOL 5, CH 1, SEC 7
    • Nationality Change: FAA ORDER 8900.1, VOL 5, CH 1, SEC 7
    • Private Pilot Certificate Based on Foreign License: FAA Order 8900.1, VOL5, CH 2, SEC 14
  • RVSM Welcome Letter (PDF)
  • Report Low Flying Aircraft to the Alabama & Northwest Florida Flight Standards District Office (PDF)
  • IACRA - Integrated Airmen Certification and Rating Application
    • The AL/NW Florida FSDO supports and highly encourages the public´┐Żs use of IACRA.
    • IACRA can expedite the process of most certificate issuances in conjunction with your appointment at our office. For instructions, frequently asked questions, or additional help, please use the main IACRA link shown above.
  • Aviation Safety Program
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
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