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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Airport Safety Information Video Series

The Airport Safety Video Series highlights important safety issues, encourages the use of new technologies, and publicizes changes to airport safety-related guidance and policy. Sign up to receive alerts when we release a new video.


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  • Office of Airports and UAS Integration Office Talk Drones in the Airport Environment
    Winsome Lenfert, ARP-2, and other FAA senior executives talk about UAS integration efforts from across the agency.
  • Introduction to the Airport Safety Information Video Series
    Deputy Associate Administrator for Airports Winsome Lenfert discusses what the series covers and how airport operators can learn more about the Office of Airports.
  • Runway Safety Area and Runway Incursion Mitigation Programs
    The video and introduction outline the success of previous initiatives to enhance airport safety and discuss the national efforts underway to further reduce the risk of runway incursions at airports. The video also discusses the FAA's collaborative partnerships with the aviation community to improve runway safety at U.S. airports. Released May 2016.
  • 2015 Wildlife Hazard Management and Strike Reporting Update
    Wildlife strikes continue to capture media attention. While impacted pilots and airports are reporting strikes, they might not know the critical role their reports play in understanding wildlife issues and developing wildlife policies. This video shows viewers what happens when a strike is reported, from the initial report entry to how the data is analyzed and then used on a national, regional, and airport level. Released June 2015.
  • Winter Operations Update
    This video launches a nationwide pre-season campaign for winter operations safety. It reminds airports to review their Snow and Ice Control Plans and offers best practices for snow and ice control. Released October 2014.

Want to Learn More?

Visit these related pages to learn more about the safety issues discussed in the video series.

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