CertAlerts give the FAA Airports Safety and Operations Division a quick way of providing additional guidance on Part 139 Airport Certification and related issues to FAA inspectors and staff. If you have questions about a particular CertAlert, please see the appropriate CertAlert Log for contact information.

CertAlert Logs


Number Title
14-02 Increase in the Numbers of Vehicles and/or Equipment Inadvertently Hitting and Damaging Airplanes in the Ramp/Gate Areas (PDF) (added 3/2/2014)
14-01 Seasonal Mitigation of Hazardous Species at Airports: Attention to Snowy Owls (PDF) (added 2/26/2014)
13-06 Field Condition Reporting (FICON) Limitations When Using the NOTAM Manager System Drop-Down List (PDF)
13-05 Publication Announcement: JO 7930.2N, Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) (PDF)
13-04 Additional Precautions for Approaching Aircraft with Ballistic Parachutes, Ejection Seats, and Airbags (PDF)
13-03 Coordination of High Risk Flight Test Activities at Airports (PDF)
13-02 Final Rule: Safety Enhancements, Certification of Airports (78 FR 3311) (PDF)
13-01 Federal and State Depredation Permit Assistance (PDF, 2.24 MB) (editorially updated 1/31/2013)
12-06 Ground Vehicle Operations on Airports -- Increase in the Numbers of Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations (V/PDs) and Runway Incursions (RIs) in the Last Two Quarters of FY 2012 (PDF)
12-05 FAA Safety Inspections of Joint Use Airport (JUA) Facilities Using Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Determining ARFF Compliance with Part 139 Requirements (PDF, 1.53 MB)
12-04 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Safety Alert about SCBA Face Piece Lenses (PDF)
12-03 Change 1 to Advisory Circular 150/5200-30C, Airport Winter Safety and Operations (PDF)
12-02 NOTAM Transition (PDF)
12-01 Fuel Safety Training - Update (PDF) (revised 3/6/2012)
11-04 Announcement of Order JO 7930.2M, Notices to Airmen (NOTAM), Change 2; Notice JO 7930.93, Reporting of Field Conditions (FICON); and Notice JO 7930.94, Use of 'Work in Progress' in Notices to Airmen - Cancelled by 13-05
11-03 Clarification on Winter Operations Pavement Assessment Reporting in the NOTAM System (PDF)
11-02 Identifying Mil-Spec Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) (PDF)
11-01 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 12-01
10-03 Extension of Airport Emergency Plan Submission Date to June 30, 2011 (PDF)
10-02 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 11-01
10-01 Interpretation of the Term 'Consecutive Calendar Months' as Used in Part 139, Certification of Airports (PDF) (revised 4/28/2010)
09-17 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 10-02
09-16 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Product Recall (PDF)
09-15 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 09-17
09-14 IAFC Releases Two New Alternative Fuels Training Packages for First Responders (PDF)
09-13 Aircraft Surface Excursions During Winter Operations (PDF)
09-12 Airport Planning for Pandemic flu including H1N1 (Swine Flu) Update (PDF)
09-11 Safety During Construction and Reducing Runway Incursions (PDF)
09-10 Wildlife Hazard Assessments in Accordance with Part 139 Requirements (PDF)
09-09 Airport Planning for Pandemic Flu Including H1N1 (Swine Flu) - Cancelled by 09-12
09-08 Composites Training and Information (PDF)
09-07 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Facilities - Update (PDF)
09-06 Closing Active Runway for FOD Checks Increases Safe Operations (PDF)
09-05 Reporting Declared Distances to Aeronautical Information Services (PDF)
09-04 Aircraft Surface Excursions During Winter Operations - Cancelled by 09-13
09-03 Availability of the Advisory Circular on Airport Winter Safety and Operations (PDF)
09-02 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 09-15
09-01 Notice to Users of Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) Air Mask Equipment (PDF)
08-12 Safety Risks for Operating Supertugs (TLTV) in the movement area and Air Operations Area (AOA) when towing large air carrier aircraft (PDF)
08-11 NTSB Recommendations for Clear and Concise Airport Communications (PDF)
08-10 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 09-02
08-09 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 08-10
08-08 Interpretation of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 407 Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing paragraph (PDF)
08-07 Guidance on the High-Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) (PDF)
08-06 Super-tug Operations on Part 139 airports (All surfaces) (PDF)
08-05 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 08-09
08-04 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 08-05
08-03 Status of the Cessna 208B Caravan and the Applicability of 14 CFR Part 139 to Airports that It Serves in Scheduled Commercial Operations (PDF)
08-02 AC 150-5200-28D, Notices to Airmen for Airport Operators (NOTAMs) (PDF)
08-01 AC 150-5200-28D, Notices to Airmen for Airport Operators (NOTAMs) (PDF)
07-11 Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 08-04
07-10 Vehicle Pedestrian Deviation Runway Incursions (PDF)
  • Presentation: Reducing the Potential for Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations (V/PD) and Runway Incursions: PDF (7.54 MB), MS PowerPoint (17.8 MB)
07-09 Class D Fire Fighting Agents – Update (PDF)
Cancels Certalert 07-08.
07-06 Fuel Safety Training - Update (PDF)
07-05 Fuel Safety Training - Update (PDF)
07-04 Fuel Safety Training - Update (PDF)
07-03 Part 139 Airport Inactive Status (PDF)
07-02 U.S Government Employees/Contractors Seeking Unescorted Motor Vehicle Access to the Movement Area at a Part 139 Certificated Airport are Required to Meet the Specific Airport's Movement Area Access Requirements (PDF)
07-01 Need for Better Dissemination of Runway/Taxiway Closure Information and Construction on an Airport (PDF)
06-08 NFPA 407/2007 Edition (PDF)
06-07 Requests by State Wildlife Agencies to Facilitate and Encourage Habitat for State-Listed Threatened and Endangered Species and Species of Special Concern on Airports (PDF)
06-06 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Schools - Cancelled Certalerts 4-10 and 4-17. Cancelled by 09-07.
06-05 Stop Runway Incursions and Surface Incidents Now (PDF)
06-04 P-23 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicle (PDF)
06-03 Embraer 170/190 (ERJ 170/190) ARFF Door Operation Notice (PDF)
06-02 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Meeting MIL-F-24385 (PDF)
06-01 Issuance of SAMS 23 (PDF)
05-03 Issuance of SAMS 21 (PDF)
05-02 Fuel Safety Training Update (MS Word)
05-01 Airport Winter Operations (Friction Measurement Issues) (MS Word)
04-18 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Facility Pool Size (Fixed and Mobile) (MS Word)
04-16 Deer Hazard to Aircraft and Deer Fencing (MS Word)
04-15 Fuel Safety Training - Update: Additions to List of Acceptable Trainers: PDF, MS Word
04-14 Enforcement Policy – Submission of ACM to FAA in Accordance with Part 139.101 General Requirements: PDF, MS Word
04-13 Rocket-Deployed Emergency Parachute Systems - Cancelled by 13-04
04-12 Dry Chemical Systems Inspection and Maintenance (MS Word)
04-11 Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
04-09 Relationship Between FAA and WS (MS Word)
04-08 Part 139 ACM Submission Dates (MS Word)
04-07 Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
04-06 Security Related Items in Airport Emergency Plan may be referenced in the Airport Operator's TSA Approved Airport Security Program (Options) (MS Word)
04-05 Investigation of a Vehicle Pedestrian Deviation (VPD) caused by a Mechanic Maneuvering an Aircraft (MS Word, 6.83 MB)
04-04 Runway Threshold Markings (MS Word)
04-03 Part Time ARFF Coverage and Air Carriers Operating Outside Scheduled Arrival and Departure Times (MS Word)
04-02 Illumination of Runway Exit Signs (MS Word)
04-01 Passengers and Crew on Cargo Aircraft (MS Word)
03-08 Conductivity Test Meter (Probe) Causes Erroneous Reading (MS Word)
03-07 Personnel and Equipment in the Runway Safety Area - Cancelled. See AC 150/5370-2.
03-06 Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
03-05 Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
03-04 DOT's Research and Special Programs Administration, (RSPA) Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Grant Program (MS Word)
03-03 Guidelines for Submitting Bird Strike Feather Remains for Identification (MS Word)
03-02 Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
03-01 ARFF Foam Mixture Testing Methods (MS Word)
02-10 Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
02-09 Alternative Deer Fencing - Cancelled by 04-16
02-08 PAPI Operation (MS Word)
02-07 Air Show Event Ground Operations Plan (MS Word)
02-06 Access to the FAA National Wildlife Aircraft Strike Database (MS Word)
02-05 Driver Training Simulators (MS Word)
02-04 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Concentrations, Restrictions, and Other User Guidelines (MS Word, 2.05 MB)
02-03 Air Carrier Accident Critique (MS Word)
02-02 Deicing Fluid Containing Potassium Formate (MS Word)
02-01 Aircraft Departing/Landing on Closed Runways (MS Word)
01-04 Deicing Fluid - Potassium Formate (MS Word)
01-03 Magnetic Variation (MS Word)
01-02 ARFF Rollover Study (MS Word)
01-01 Deer Aircraft Hazard - Cancelled by 04-16
00-03 Use of the term 'Stopway' (PDF)
00-02 NOTAM Procedural Changes: Snow Notice to Airmen (PDF)
00-01 Public Safety Personnel Operating in the Movement Area (PDF)
99-05 Announcement of the Airport Safety Newsletter (PDF)
99-04 Recission of Certalert 99-02 (PDF)
99-03 Clarification: Part 139.323, Traffic and Wind Indicators (PDF)
99-01 Fuel Safety Training Courses (PDF)
98-08 New Sand Specification (PDF)
98-06 Location of Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) (PDF)
98-05 Grasses Attractive To Hazardous Wildlife (PDF)
98-04 Aircraft Familiarization Charts (PDF)
98-03 ARFF Index (PDF)
98-02 Airports with Less than Full-time ARFF Coverage (PDF)
98-01 Runway and Taxiway Painting (PDF)
97-10 Snow Removal (PDF)
97-09 Wildlife Hazard Management Plan Outline (PDF)
97-08 Friction Testing Vehicles (PDF)
97-04 VOR Receiver Checkpoint Markings (PDF)
97-03 Fuel Training Programs (PDF)
97-02 FAA/ADC Relationship (PDF)
97-01 ARFF Rollovers (PDF)
96-02 High Reach ARFF Equipment (PDF)
96-01 Annual Live Fire Drill Training (PDF)
95-06 Reporting Braking Action (PDF)
95-05 Closing and Opening the Airport After an Accident or Incident (PDF)
95-04 ARFF Off Airport Operations (PDF)
95-03 Halotron I (PDF)
95-02 Friction Measuring Equipment (PDF)
95-01 Bloodborne Pathogens (PDF)
94-03 Excessive Accumulation of Potassium Acetate-Base Fluids When Used to Deice Runways, Taxiways or Aircraft Parking Aprons (PDF)
94-02 Delta Airlines Aircraft Familiarization Program (PDF)
94-01 NFPA Cautions that Some Protective Clothing May Have False Compliance Labels (PDF)
93-05 Standards for Decelerometers (PDF)
93-03 Loading Bridges or Jetways at FAR Part 139 Airports (PDF)
93-02 NOTAMs concerning ARFF Equipment Outages (PDF)
92-05 Semi-Flush Runway Edge Lights at Runway/Taxiway and Runway/Runway Intersections (PDF)
92-04 Update on the use of HALON 1211 for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Purposes (PDF)
92-03 Effects of Type II Deicing Fluid on Runway Friction (PDF)