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Airport Design and Engineering Standards


This page provides a quick reference to engineering, design, and construction standards for various airport-related equipment, facilities, and structures. Visit our Series 150 Advisory Circular Library for a complete listing of current advisory circulars.

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Design Standards
Item Reference
(See most recent version and any associated changes)
ADS-B Squitters AC 150/5220-26
Airport Design AC 150/5300-13
Airport Drainage AC 150/5320-5
Airport Layout Plans AC 150/5070-6
Airport Lighting - Runway/Taxiway AC 150/5340-30
Airport Lighting - Runway Centerline AC 150/5340-30
Airport Lighting - Radio Control AC 150/5340-30
Airport Marking AC 150/5340-1
Airport Master Plans AC 150/5070-6
Airport Signage AC 150/5340-18
Airport Terminal Facilities AC 150/5360-13
Apron AC 150/5300-13 (Appendix 5)
ARFF Building AC 150/5210-15
ARFF Equipment - DEVS AC 150/5220-10
ARFF Equipment - Clothing AC 150/5210-14
ARFF Training Facility AC 150/5220-17
ARFF Vehicle - Small Dual Agent AC 150/5220-10
ARFF Vehicle AC 150/5220-10
Artificial Turf AC 150/5370-15
AWOS AC 150/5220-16
Beacons AC 150/5340-30
Compass Calibration Pad AC 150/5300-13 (Appendix 4)
Construction Standards AC 150/5370-10
See also Construction Standards for Airports
Deicing Facilities AC 150/5300-14
Disability Access to Airports AC 150/5360-14
EMAS Arresting System AC 150/5220-22
Fuel Storage AC 150/5230-4
Heliport Design AC 150/5390-2
Landfills AC 150/5200-34
Land and Hold Short Lighting AC 150/5340-30
Marking of Airport Vehicles AC 150/5210-5
Operational Safety - Construction AC 150/5370-2
PAPI AC 150/5345-28
Passenger Lift for the Impaired AC 150/5220-21
Pavement - Heated AC 150/5370-17
Pavement Design AC 150/5320-6
Pavement Management System AC 150/5380-7
REIL AC 150/5340-30
Runway Length Requirements AC 150/5325-4
Runway Surface Monitors AC 150/5200-30
Runway Thresholds AC 150/5300-13 (Appendix 2)
Segmented Circle AC 150/5340-5
SMGCS AC 150/5340-30
Snow Removal Operations AC 150/5200-30
SRE Buildings AC 150/5220-18
SRE Equipment AC 150/5220-20
State Standards for Non-primary Airports AC 150/5100-13
VASI AC 150/5340-30
Wildlife Attractants AC 150/5200-33
Wind Analysis AC 150/5300-13 (Appendix 1)
Wind Cones AC 150/5340-30
Wind Cones - Supplemental AC 150/5340-30
Windrose AC 150/5300-13 (Appendices 1, 11)

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