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Number Office Title Date
8110.53 AIR-110 Reciprocal Acceptance of Repair Design Data Approvals Between FAA and Tcca 06-02-2005
8110.51 AIR-110 Acceptability of Previously Approved Compliance Data From Foreign Sources 11-01-2003
8000.79 AIR-110 Use of Electronic Technology and Storage of Data 03-22-2002
8110.49 AIR-120 Software Approval Guidelines
Change: 1
8130.31 AIR-200 Issuance of Special Airworthiness Certificates of Replicas of the 1903 Wright Flyer Aircraft 04-01-2003
8130.20 AIR-200 Registration Requirements for the Airworthiness Certification of U.S. Civil Aircraft 12-24-1990
8130.29A AIR-220 Issuance of a Special Airworthiness Certificate for Show Compliance Flight Testing 06-29-2007
8130.32 AIR-230 Air Cert Requirement for Certain Aircraft Operated in Alaska With Major Alts Approved FAA Field Approval 09-29-2003
8120.13A AIR-230 International Cooperative Supplier Surveillance Program (ICSSP) Procedures 10-01-2002
8110.52 AIR-40 Type Validation and Post-Type Validation Procedures 01-01-2005
11 - 20 of 21 results.
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