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20-77 AFS-340 Use of Manufacturers' Maintenance Manuals (Cancelled)
Informs owners and operators about the usefulness of manufacturers’ maintenance manuals for servicing, repairing, and maintaining aircraft, engines and propellers.
Date Cancelled: 04-06-2007
Cancelled By: 20-77A
150/5190-2A AAS-300 Exclusive Rights at Airports (Cancelled) 04-04-1972
150/5220-10 AAS-100 Guide Specification for Water/Foam Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles (Cancelled)

This guide specification was developed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to assist airport management in the development of local procurement specifications. It is not addressed to any regulatory requirements of FAA but is promulgated for general use. The word "shall" is not to be construed as a mandatory requirement of FAA. It is specifically included so that portions of this guide specification may be copied verbatim by local specification writers.

Date Cancelled: 07-03-1991
33-2A ANE-110 Aircraft Engine Type Certificaiton Handbook (Cancelled)
Contains guidance relating to type certification of aircraft engines which will constitute acceptable means, although not the sole means, of compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations.
Date Cancelled: 06-30-1993
Cancelled By: 33-2B
21.303-1A AFS-180 Certification Procedures for Products and Parts (Cancelled)
Date Cancelled: 08-14-1975
20-59 AFS-330 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Convair Models 240 and 600/240D; Models 340/440 and 640/340D/440D Series Aircraft (Cancelled)

Describes maintenance inspection notes which can be used for the maintenance support of certain structural parts of Convair 240, 340/440, 240T, and 340T series aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 12-20-2011
20-82 AFS-230 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Fairchild Hiller F-27/FH-227 Series Aircraft (Cancelled)

Provides maintenance inspection notes which can be used for the maintenance support program for certain structural parts of Fairchild Hiller F-27/FH-227 series aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 12-20-2011
20-83 AFS-330 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Boeing B-737 Series Aircraft (Includes Changes 1 and 2) (Cancelled)

Provides maintenance inspection notes, which can be used for the maintenance support program for certain structural parts of the B-737 series aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 12-20-2011
103-4 AAM-620 Hazard Associated with Sublimation of Solid Carbon Dioxide (Dry Ice) Aboard Aircraft (Cancelled)
Discusses the potential hazard associated with the sublimation of dry ice aboard aircraft. Precautionary measures and simple rules of thumb are indicated in order to preclude environmentally hazardous conditions affecting crews and passengers aboard aircraft.
Date Cancelled: 09-30-2004
Cancelled By: 91-76
43-7 AFS-310 Ultrasonic Testing for Aircraft (Cancelled)

Describes methods used in ultrasonic nondestructive testing, discusses the many advantages, and points out the simplicity of the tests. Contains many illustrations. SN 050-007-00282-3.

Date Cancelled: 12-20-2011
20-84 AFS-300 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Boeing B-727 Series Aircraft (Cancelled)

Provides inspection notes which can be used for the maintenance support program for certain structural parts of the B-727 series aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 12-20-2011
150/5340-4C AAS-200 Installation Details for Runway Centerline Touchdown Zone Lighting Systems (Consolidated reprint includes Changes 1 and 2) (Cancelled) 05-06-1975
91-43 AFS-223 Unreliable Airspeed Indications (Cancelled)

Alerts pilots to the possibility of erroneous airspeed/Mach indications that may be caused by blocking or freezing of the pilot system and advises of corrective action that can be taken.

Date Cancelled: 06-17-2013
150/5340-24 AAS-200 Runway and Taxiway Edge Lighting System (Consolidated reprint includes Change 1) (Cancelled)
(Consolidated reprint includes change 1). Describes standards for the design, installation, and maintenance of runway and taxiway edge lighting.
65-9A AFS-630 [Large AC] Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics General Handbook (Cancelled)
Date Cancelled: 01-02-2008
20-94 AFS-350 Digital Clock Installation in Aircraft (Cancelled)
Date Cancelled: 04-13-2007
Cancelled By: 20-94A
150/5100-10A APP-500 Accounting Records Guide for Airport Aid Program Sponsors (Cancelled)

Sets forth recordkeeping requirements imposed on sponsor of Airport Development Aid Program (ADAP) and Planning Grant Program (PGP) projects funded by the Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970, as amended. In addition, Federal regulations require a sponsor to establish and maintain a financial management system that meets the standards set forth in Part 152, Appendix K. This circular provides detailed explanations of these requirements.

This AC is superseded by more recent accounting and record-keeping requirements found in the current version of FAA Order 5100.38, Airport Improvement Program Handbook.

Date Cancelled: 03-05-2012
21-1B AIR-200 Production Certificates (Cancelled)

Provides information concerning Subpart G of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 21, and sets forth acceptable means of compliance with its requirements.

Date Cancelled: 10-16-2009
20-95 AFS-120 Fatigue Evaluation of Rotorcraft Structure (Cancelled)
Date Cancelled: 02-12-2003
150/5370-11 AAS-200 Use of Nondestructive Testing Devices in the Evaluation of Airport Pavements (Consolidated reprint includes Change 1) (Cancelled)
(Consolidated reprint includes change 1). Provides guidance to the public on the use of nondestructive testing devices as aids in the evaluation of the load-carrying capacity of airport pavements.
Date Cancelled: 12-29-2004
43.13-2A AFS-830 [Large AC] Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Alterations (Cancelled)
Date Cancelled: 03-03-2008
91-23A Pilot's Weight and Balance Handbook (Cancelled) 01-01-1977
150/5100-13 AAS-100 Development of State Standards for General Aviation Airports (Cancelled)
Provides guidelines and programming procedures for the development of state standards for general aviation airports as provided for in the Airport and Airway Development Act Amendments of 1976.
Date Cancelled: 09-28-1999
Cancelled By: 150/5100-13A
120-31A AFS-260 Operational and Airworthiness Approval of Airborne Omega Radio Navigation Systems as a Means of Updating Self-Contained Navigation Systems (Cancelled)
Set forth an acceptable means, but not the only means, of obtaining airworthiness and operational approval of airborne OMEGA navigation systems used in updating self-contained navigation systems such as Doppler and Inertial Radar for operations outside the United States under FAR Part 121.
Date Cancelled: 04-30-2008
91-49 AFS-820 General Aviation Procedures for Flight in North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace (Cancelled)

Sets forth acceptable means, but not the only means, of obtaining authorization to operate within specified airspace over the North Atlantic, designated as the NAT (North Atlantic) MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications) airspace, after 0001 Greenwich Mean Time, Dec. 29, 1977. This requirement applies to persons operating under FAR Part 91 and for FAR Part 135 certificate holders, except those operating under Section 135.2.

Date Cancelled: 06-17-2013
26 - 50 of 622 results.
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