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35.37-1 ANE-110 Composite Propeller Blade Fatigue Substantiation (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 09-17-2001
Cancelled By: 35.37-1A
23-13 ACE-111 Fatigue and Fail-Safe Evaluation of Flight Structure and Pressurized Cabin for Part 23 Airplanes (Cancelled) Provides information and guidance concerning an acceptable means of demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Part 23 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) regarding fatigue and fail-safe evaluation of metallic airplane structure. Date Cancelled: 09-29-2005
Cancelled By: 23-13A
150/5000-11 APP-400 Announcement of Availability All Cargo Carrier Activity Report (FAA Form 5100-108, Revised) (Cancelled) Provides guidance for the submission of the All Cargo Carrier Activity Report (revised as of March 1993). 03-24-1993
120-51A AFS-210 Crew Resource Management Training (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 09-08-1995
Cancelled By: 120-51B
90-92 AFS-430 Guidelines for the Operational Use of Loran-C Navigation Systems Outside the U.S. NAS (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 08-10-2012
CHANGE 1 (06-15-1993)
21-33 AIR-200 Quality Assurance of Software used in Aircraft of Related Products (Cancelled)

Provides an acceptable means, but not the only means, to show compliance with the quality assurance requirements of FAR Par 21, Certification Procedures for Products and Parts, as applicable to the production of software used in type certificated aircraft or related products (airborne software). Also provides supplemental guidance for the establishment of a quality control or inspection to control the development and production of software used in type certification aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 10-16-2009
23-12 ACE-111 Structural Substantiation of Part 23 Airplane Modifications Involving Increased Engine Power (Cancelled) 01-27-1993
20-115B AIR-130 Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautic, Inc. Document RTCA/DO-178B (Cancelled)

Calls attention to RTCA, Inc., (formerly the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics) Document RTCA/DO- 178B, “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification,” issued December 1992. It discusses how the document may be applied with FAA technical standard order (TSO), authorizations, type certification (TC), or supplemental type certification authorization (STC).

Date Cancelled: 07-19-2013
23-11 ACE-100 [Large AC] Type Certification of Very Light Airplanes with Powerplants and Propellers Certified to Parts 33 and 35 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (Cancelled) Provides an acceptable means of compliance with Part 23 of the FAR for type certification of certain small airplanes. Date Cancelled: 07-14-2003
Cancelled By: 23-11A
120-59 AFS-201 Air Carrier Internal Evaluation Programs (Cancelled) Provides information and guidance material that may be used by air carrier certificate holders, operating under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 121 and 135, to design or develop an Internal Evaluation Program. The procedures and practices outlined in this (AC can be applied to maintenance, flight operations, and security aspects of an air carrier’s organization. Internal evaluation guidance for certificate holders other than those operating under FAR Pars 121 and 135 may be issued separately in the future. Date Cancelled: 04-17-2006
Cancelled By: 120-59A
150/5220-18 AAS-100 Buildings for Storage and Maintenance of Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment and Materials (Cancelled) Provides guidance for site selection, design and construction of buildings used to store and maintain airport snow and ice control equipment and materials. Date Cancelled: 09-14-2007 10-15-1992
21.303-2H AFS-610 Parts Manufacturer Approvals - 1992 (Microfiche) (Cancelled) 10-13-1992
150/5340-26 AAS-200 Maintenance of Airport Visual Aid Facilities (Cancelled) Provides recommended guidelines for maintenance of airport visual aid facilities. Date Cancelled: 04-04-2005 08-26-1992
150/5220-4B AAS-100 Water Supply Systems for Aircraft Fire and Rescue Protection (Cancelled)

Provides guidance for the selection of a water source and standards for the design of a distribution system to support aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) service operations on airports.

The AC was cancelled for the following reason. The primary reference upon which the document is based, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 419 - Guide for Master Planning Airport Water Supply Systems for Fire Protection, was cancelled in 1996. The relevant information from that specification has been inserted in other NFPA standards. Therefore, the AC is no longer necessary as water supply safety is ensured through a variety of other guidance material used by airport operators and architectural and engineering firms.

Date Cancelled: 09-09-2011
150/5220-20 AAS-100 Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment (Cancelled)

Provides guidance to airport operators on the procurement of snow and ice control equipment for airport use.

Date Cancelled: 09-24-2014
CHANGE 1 (03-01-1994)
Provides guidance to airport operators on the procurement of snow and ice control equipment for airport use.
45-2A AIR-200 Identification and Registration Marking (Cancelled) Provides guidance and information concerning the identification and marking requirements of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 45, and describes an acceptable means, but not the sole means, of compliance with the regulations. Date Cancelled: 07-16-2003
Cancelled By: 45-2B
20-137 ASW-111 Dynamic Evaluation of Seat Restraint Systems & Occupant Restraint for Rotorcraft (Normal and Transport) (Cancelled) 03-30-1992
150/5220-17A AAS-100 Design Standards for an Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Training Facility (Cancelled)

Contains standards, specifications, and recommendations for the design of an aircraft rescue and firefighting training facility utilizing either propane or a flammable liquid hydrocarbon (FLH) as the fuel.

Date Cancelled: 09-30-2010
CHANGE 1 (11-24-1998)
Contains standards, specifications, and recommendations for the design of an aircraft rescue and firefighting training facility utilizing either propane or a flammable liquid hydrocarbon (FLH) as the fuel.
150/5370-14 AAS-200 Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Handbook (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-24-2001 10-15-1991
90-23E AFS-430 Aircraft Wake Turbulence (Cancelled) Alerts pilots to the hazards of aircraft wake turbulence and recommends related operational procedures. Date Cancelled: 02-20-2002
Cancelled By: 90-23F
120-54 AFS-210 Advanced Qualification Program (Cancelled) Provides FAA guidance for approval of an Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) under SFAR 58. Date Cancelled: 06-23-2006
Cancelled By: 120-54A
25.1529-1 ANM-112 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness of Structural Repairs on Transport Airplanes (Cancelled) Provides instructions to ensure continued airworthiness of structural repairs on transport category airplanes. It addresses the approval procedures to follow when making structural repairs to structure certificated under the damage tolerance requirements of Section 25.571 of FAR, Amendment 25-45, and to type designs with Supplemental Inspection Documents, which were based on these criteria. Date Cancelled: 11-20-2007
Cancelled By: 25.1529-1A
150/5340-18C AAS-200 Standards for Airport Sign Systems (Consolidated Reprint Incorporates Change 1) (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 12-06-2004 07-31-1991
25-17 ANM-110 [Large AC] Transport Airplane Cabin Interiors Crashworthiness Handbook (Cancelled)

This Advisory Circular (AC) provides acceptable certification methods, but not necessarily the only acceptable methods, for demonstrating compliance with the crashworthiness requirements of part 25, as amended through Amendment 25-112, of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) for transport category airplanes. The guidance in this AC is not mandatory nor a regulation

Date Cancelled: 05-18-2009
Cancelled By: 25-17A
150/5220-10A AAS-100 Guide Specification for Water/Foam Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles (Cancelled)

Contains performance standards, specification, and recommendations for the design, construction, and testing of water/foam aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles.

Date Cancelled: 10-20-1997

526 - 550 of 763 results.

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