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120-26H AJV-21 International Civil Aviation Organization Three-Letter and Radio Telephony Designators (Cancelled)

Defines the criteria and procedures required for an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) three-letter and/or telephony designator assignment.

Date Cancelled: 01-01-2005
Cancelled By: 120-26J
135-14A AFS-250 Emergency Medical Services/Helicopter (EMS/H) (Cancelled)

Provides information and guidance material which may be used by Air Ambulance and Emergency Medical Service/Helicopter (EMS/H) operators. It must be emphasized that this AC diminishes neither the force nor the effect of the FAR. The regulations, of course, are always controlling. This AC does not interpret the regulations; interpretations are issued only under established national FAA procedures.

Date Cancelled: 03-26-2015
150/5210-13A AAS-120 Water Rescue Plans, Facilities, and Equipment (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-15-2004 05-31-1991
150/5390-3 AAS-100 Vertiport Design (Cancelled)

Provides guidance to planners and communities interested in developing a civil vertiport or vertistop.

Date Cancelled: 07-28-2010
147-3 AFS-340 [Large AC] Certification and Operation of Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools (Cancelled) Provides guidance to assist persons in obtaining and maintaining Federal Aviation Administration certification of an AMTS. FAR Part 147, Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools, specifies requirements for the certification and operation of an AMTS. The regulation includes both the curriculum requirements and operating rules for all certificated AMTS. Date Cancelled: 01-18-2005
Cancelled By: 147-3A
61-67B AFS-840 Stall Spin Awareness Training (Cancelled) Explains the stall and spin awareness training required under FAR Part 61 and offers guidance to flight instructors who provide that training. Informs pilots of the airworthiness standards for the type certification of small airplanes prescribed in FAR 23.221 concerning spin maneuvers and emphasizes the importance of observing restrictions which prohibit the intentional spinning of certain airplanes. Date Cancelled: 09-25-2000 05-17-1991
120-53 AFS-200 Crew Qualification and Pilot Type Rating Requirements for Transport Category Aircraft Operated under FAR Part 121 (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 10-15-2008
Cancelled By: 120-53A
150/5220-13B AAS-100 Runway Surface Condition Sensor Specification Guide (Cancelled) Provides guidance to irport operators, consultants, and design engineers on preparing procurement specifications for sensor systems that monitor and report runway surface conditions. 03-27-1991
61-98A AFS-840 Currency and Additional Qualification Requirements for Certificated Pilots (Cancelled)

Provides information for certificated pilots and flight instructors to use in complying with flight review required by FAR Section 61.56, the recent flight experience requirements of FAR Section 61.57, and the general limitations contained in FAR Section 61.31(d), (e), and (g). It also provides guidance regarding transition to other makes and models of aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 04-30-2012
150/5320-15 AAS-100 Management of Airport Industrial Waste (Cancelled) Provides basic information on the characteristics, management, and regulations of industrial wastes generated at airports. Date Cancelled: 09-08-2008
Cancelled By: 150/5320-15A
CHANGE 1 (04-22-1997)
Provides guidance on best management practices to eliminate, prevent, or reduce pollutants in storm water runoff associated with airport industrial activities.
61-107 AFS-820 Operations of Aircraft at Altitudes Above 25,000 Feet MSL and/or MACH numbers (M sub mo) Greater than .75 (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 01-02-2003
Cancelled By: 61-107A
150/5345-28D AAS-200 Precision Approach Path Indicator Systems (PAPI) (Consolidated reprint includes Change 1) (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 05-25-2004 01-03-1991
105-2C AFS-340 Sport Parachute Jumping (Cancelled)

Provides suggestions to improve sport parachuting safety and disseminates information to assist all parties associated with sport parachuting in complying with FAR Part 105, Parachute Jumping. It also contains a list of aircraft which may be operated with one cabin door removed and includes procedures for obtaining FAA authorization for flight with door removal.

Date Cancelled: 05-18-2011
120-35B AFS-210 Line Operational Simulations: Line Oriented Flight Training, Special Purpose Operational Training, Line Operational Evaluation (Cancelled) Presents guidelines for the design and implementation of line operational simulations (LOS). Date Cancelled: 09-27-2004
Cancelled By: 120-35C
25.803-1 ANM-114 Emergency Evaluation Demonstrations (Cancelled)

Provides guidance material on a means, but not the only means, of compliance with the FAR concerning (1) conduct of full-scale emergency evacuation demonstrations, and (2) use analysis and tests for emergency evacuation demonstrations in lieu of conducting an actual demonstration.

Date Cancelled: 03-12-2012
150/5370-13 AAS-200 Offpeak Construction of Airport Pavements Using Hot-Mix Asphalt (Cancelled) Provides guidance for the planning, coordination, management, design, testing, inspection, and execution of offpeak construction of airport pavements using hot mix asphalt paving materials. Date Cancelled: 09-29-2006 08-27-1990
20-27D AIR-200 Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft (Cancelled) Provides guidance and information relative to the airworthiness certification and operation of amateur-built aircraft. Date Cancelled: 09-26-2001
Cancelled By: 20-27E
150/5220-16A AUA-430 Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) for Non-Federal Applications (Cancelled)

Contains the FAA standard for non-Federal Automated Weather Observing Systems.

Date Cancelled: 11-11-1995
Cancelled By: 150/5220-16B
150/5340-23B AAS-200 Supplemental Wind Cones (Cancelled) 05-11-1990
120-52 CAMI-AAM-600 Radiation Exposure of Air Carrier Crewmembers (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-06-2006
Cancelled By: 120-61A
20-136 ANM-111 Protection of Aircraft Electrical/Electronic Systems against the Indirect Effects of Lightning (Cancelled) Provides information and guidance concerning an acceptable means, but not the only means, of compliance with Parts 23, 25, 27, and 29 of the FAR as applicable for preventing hazardous effects, due to lightning, from occurring to electrical/electronic systems performing critical essential functions. This material is neither mandatory nor regulatory in nature and does not constitute a regulation. The applicant may elect to establish an alternative method of compliance that is acceptable to the FAA Date Cancelled: 12-21-2006
Cancelled By: 20-136A
150/5200-32 AAS-300 Announcement of Availability-Bird Strike Incident/Ingestion Report (Cancelled) Explains the nature of the revision of FAA Form 5200-7, Bird Strike Incident/Ingestion Report and how it can be obtained. Date Cancelled: 12-22-2004 02-14-1990
150/5325-4A AAS-110 Runway Length Requirements for Airport Design (Consolidated reprint includes Change 1 dtd 3-11-91) (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-01-2005 01-29-1990
150/5300-13 AAS-100 Airport Design (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) provides standards and recommendations for airport design. Consolidated file contains Changes 1-18.

We expect to publish an update to this AC in September 2012. Learn more about the changes planned for AC 150/5300-13A.

Because of the size of this document, it is available as one large file (see Complete Consolidated) or as several smaller files (see Parts 1-4).

Date Cancelled: 09-28-2012
CHANGE 5 (02-14-1997)

Provides guidance to assist airport sponsors in their evaluation and preparation of the airport landing surface to support instrument approach procedures and incorporates change 4 criteria into the airport layout plan preparation guidance.

CHANGE 6 (09-30-2000)
Provides expanded guidance for new approach procedures and incorporates new Flight Standards requirements.
CHANGE 7 (10-01-2002)
Provides new guidance consistent with Runway Safety Area Program requirments, clarifies nighttime threshold siting requirements, and revises new instrument approach procedures and requirements for preparing airport layout plans.
CHANGE 8 (09-30-2004)
Removes Precision Object Free Area (POFA) and establishes Precision Obstacle Free Zone (POFZ), changes standards for the Runway Safety Area, and revises Appendix 2 to allow for greater flexibility in threshold siting criteria.
CHANGE 9 (09-26-2005)
Corrects Table 3-3 and revises Appendix 2 to include standards for runway end siting requirements, including a new 40:1 departure surface.
CHANGE 10 (09-29-2006)
Adds information about tail heights and a table specifying wingspan and tail heights for each Airplane Design Group to Chapter 1, a paragraph about End-Around Taxiways and associated figures and tables to Chapter 4, and a new Appendix 17, Minimum Distances Between Certain Airport Features and Any On-Airport Agriculture Crops. Includes changes to Chapter 1; Tables 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3; Chapter 4; Appendix 2, and Appendix 16. Cancels Appendices 6 and 7. See also Errata Sheet below.
CHANGE 11 (03-28-2007)
Clarifies the standard for the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ), makes an editorial correction to Table 3-3, and updates the Table of Contents and Figure 2-3.
CHANGE 12 (01-03-2008)
Reschedules the One Engine Inoperative (OEI) implementation date from January 1, 2008, to January 1, 2009. Also requires end-around taxiway projects to be pre-approved by the Office of Airport Safety and Standards, Airport Engineering Division; changes the applicability of Appendix 2, paragraph 3b, to allow the use of these standards to object to objects affecting navigable airspace relative to 14 CFR Part 77; and identifies what Airport Airspace Analysis Survey criteria to use based on current or planned instrument approaches serving the runway ends.
CHANGE 13 (06-19-2008)
Moves data from Table 1 of Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5340-18D, Standards for Airport Sign Systems, into Tables 2-1 and 2-2 of this AC. A new paragraph 213 includes the information from Table 1 and additional information about this change.
CHANGE 14 (11-01-2008)
This Change reschedules the One Engine Inoperative (OEI) implementation date from January 1, 2009, to January 1, 2010.
CHANGE 15 (12-31-2009)

Reschedules the One Engine Inoperative (OEI) implementation date from January 1, 2009, to January 1, 2010. The change also (1) revises table 1-1 to remove the increase in RSA width for an airport reference code (ARC) upgrade from aircraft approach category C to D due to an increase in airport elevation, (2) revises table 2-2 to increase 1 foot per 100 feet increase above sea level all distances for all items for Aircraft Approach Category D to comply with Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS), and (3) revises Appendix 14 to include the use of declared distances when the runway threshold is displaced due to obstructions and to clarify the airport owner’s responsibility to provide declared distances for inclusion in the Airport/Facility Directory for each operational runway direction.

CHANGE 16 (01-03-2011)

Reschedules the One Engine Inoperative (OEI) implementation date from January 1, 2011, to January 1, 2012.

CHANGE 17 (09-30-2011)
CHANGE 18 (12-30-2011)

Removes the One Engine Inoperative (OEI) implementation date of January 1, 2012, as well as Figure A2-4, One-Engine Inoperative (OEI) Obstacle Identification Surface (62.5:1). Explains the FAA is developing a National OEI Policy based on the recommendations from the National OEI Pilot Project.

The consolidated version of AC 150/5300-13 includes this Change.

20-37D AFS-340 Aircraft Metal Propeller Maintenance (Cancelled) Provides information and suggested procedures to increase service life and to minimize blade failures of metal propellers. Date Cancelled: 09-09-2005
Cancelled By: 20-37E

551 - 575 of 763 results.

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