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33.87-1 ANE-111 Calibration Test Endurance Test and Teardown Inspection for Turbine Engine Certification (ยงยง 33.85, 33.87, 33.93) (Cancelled)

Provides information and guidance on acceptable methods, but not only methods, of compliance with the test requirements of § 33.85 (Calibration test) § 33.87 (endurance test), and §33.93 (teardown inspection) of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR Part 33).

Date Cancelled: 03-09-2015
150/5210-17A AAS-300 Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Personnel (Cancelled)

Provides information on course and reference materials for training of aircraft and firefighting (ARFF) personnel.

Date Cancelled: 09-23-2009
20-155 AIR-100 SAE Documents to Support Aircraft Lightning Protection Certification (Cancelled)

Provides a means of getting Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval of aircraft lightning protection.

Date Cancelled: 07-16-2013
150/5345-42E AAS-100 Specification for Airport Light Bases, Transformer Housings, Junction Boxes, and Accessories (Cancelled) Contains the specifications for containers designed to serve as airport light bases, transformer housings, junction boxes, and accessories. Provides the basic standard requirements for critical dimensions and performance requirements to which all manufacturers must demonstrate compliance. Date Cancelled: 10-17-2006 05-08-2006
120-92 AFS-800 Introduction to Safety Management Systems for Air Operators (Cancelled)

Introduces the concept of a safety management system (SMS) to aviation service providers.

Date Cancelled: 08-12-2010
150/5200-36 AAS-300 Qualifications for Wildlife Biologist Conducting Wildlife Hazard Assessments and Training Curriculums for Airport Personnel Involved in Controlling Wildlife Hazards on Airports (Cancelled)

Describes the qualifications for wildlife biologists who conduct Wildlife Hazard Assessments for airports certificated under Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 139. Addresses the minimum wildlife hazard management curriculum for the initial and recurrent training of airport personnel involved in implementing an FAA-approved Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

Date Cancelled: 01-31-2012
120-61A AFS-210/AAM-600 In-flight Radiation Exposure (Cancelled)

Recommends subject to be covered in air carrier programs designed to: (1) inform crewmembers about radiation exposure and known associated health risks; and (2) assist crewmembers in making informed decisions with regard to their work on commercial air carriers. This AC provides a possible outline of courses but actual subject material should be gathered by the air carriers.

Date Cancelled: 11-21-2014
25.1329-1B ANM-110 Approval of Flight Guidance Systems (Cancelled)

Describes acceptable means for showing compliance with certain requirements of Title 14, CFR, of FAR 25.1329, Flight Guidance System. While Part 25 contains the airworthiness standards applicable to transport category airplanes, the guidance in this AC pertains to the functions of autopilots, as well as any interactions with stability augmentation and trim functions.

Date Cancelled: 10-27-2014
150/5200-28C AAS-300 Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS) for Airport Operators (Cancelled) Provides guidance on using the NOTAM system for airport condition reporting. Date Cancelled: 01-28-2008
Cancelled By: 150/5200-28D
150/5340-30B AAS-100 Design and Installation Details for Airport Visual Aids (Cancelled) Provides guidance and recommendations on the installation of airport visual aids. This AC replaces several ACs, which are now cancelled: AC 150/5340-4C, Installation Details for Runway Centerline Touchdown Zone Lighting Systems; AC 150/5340-14B, Economy Approach Lighting Aids; AC 150/5340-17B, Standby Power for Non-FAA Airport Lighting Systems; AC 150/5340-21, Airport Miscellaneous Lighting Visual Aids; AC 150/5340-23B, Supplemental Wind Cones; AC 150/5340-24, Runway and Taxiway Edge Lighting System; AC 150/5340-27A, Air-to-Ground Radio Control of Airport Lighting Systems; AC 150/5340-28, Low Visibility Taxiway Lighting Systems; and AC 150/5340-29, Installation Details for Land and Hold Short Lighting Systems. See also Airport Technical Advisory on Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

Because of the size of the document, it is available as one large file (see Complete) or as five smaller files (see Parts 1-5). Date Cancelled: 09-20-2007
43-211 AFS-306 Recommended Alternative Inspection Schedule for Socata TBM-700 Aircraft (Cancelled) This advisory circular (AC) provides a recommended inspection schedule for all owners of Socata TBM-700 aircraft who operate their aircraft 100 hours a year or less. While this AC provides one way of addressing the annual or progressive inspection on TBM-700 aircraft, it may not be the only way. Date Cancelled: 01-29-2016 08-09-2006
135-13P AFS-640 FAA Certificated Air Carriers Directory (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 02-11-2008
Cancelled By: 135-13Q
140-2JJ AFS-640 FAA Certificated Pilot Schools Directory (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 02-13-2008
Cancelled By: 140-2KK
140-7S AFS-640 FAA Certificated Repair Stations Directory (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 02-12-2008
Cancelled By: 140-7T
147-2NN AFS-640 FAA Certificated Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools Directory (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 02-15-2008
Cancelled By: 147-2PP
183-32S AFS-640 FAA Certificated Technical Personnel Examiners Directory (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 02-08-2008
Cancelled By: 183-32T
65-13AA AFS-640 FAA Inspection Authorization Directory (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 02-08-2008
Cancelled By: 65-13BB
91.21-1B AFS-350 Use of Portable Electronic Devices Aboard Aircraft (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) provides aircraft operators with information and guidance for assistance in compliance to Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91, section 91.21. Section 91.21 was established because of the potential for portable electronic devices (PED) to interfere with aircraft communications and navigation equipment. It prohibits the operation of PEDs aboard U.S.-registered civil aircraft while operating under instrument flight rules (IFR). This rule permits use of specified PEDs and other devices that the operator of the aircraft has determined will not interfere with the safe operation of that aircraft. The recommendations contained herein are one means, but not the only means, of complying with section 91.21 requirements, pertaining to the operation of PEDs.

Date Cancelled: 05-07-2015
150/5380-7A AAS-100 Airport Pavement Management Program (Cancelled)

Discusses the Airport Pavement Management System (APMS) concept, its essential components, and how it can be used to make cost-effective decisions about pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.

Date Cancelled: 10-10-2014
150/5345-45B AAS-100 Low-Impact Resistant (LIR) Structures (Cancelled) Contains the FAA specifications for low-impact resistant (LIR) structures used to support approach lighting systems (ALS) at airports. Date Cancelled: 04-06-2007
Cancelled By: 150/5345-45C
33-7 ANE-111 CERTIFICATION OF 30-SECOND AND 2-MINUTE ONE-ENGINE-INOPERATIVE (OEI) RATINGS FOR ROTORCRAFT TURBINE ENGINES (Cancelled) This advisory circular (AC) provides information and guidance on acceptable methods, but not the only methods, for compliance with the requirements for 30-second OEI and 2-minute OEI rotorcraft turbine engine ratings in part 33 of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR Part 33). Date Cancelled: 06-11-2009
Cancelled By: 33-7A
00-58A AFS-230 Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-29-2009
Cancelled By: 00-58B
90-103 AJR-0 Reporting of Threats in Accordance with the Common Strategy (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) provides information to the aviation community, particularly to aircrews operating within the National Airspace System (NAS), regarding methods to manage and report instances of passenger interference with crewmembers. The Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), Public Law 107-7 1, created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and tasked the Administrator of TSA to work with the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration on security actions that may affect safety and aircraft operations. The ATSA created a new Title 49, United States Code (USC), Chapter 449, Section 4491 8, Crew training, requiring new, detailed guidance for crew training.

Date Cancelled: 12-02-2015
150/5345-46C AAS-100 Specification for Runway and Taxiway Light Fixtures (Cancelled) Contains FAA specifications for light fixtures to be used on airport runways and taxiways. Date Cancelled: 05-19-2009
Cancelled By: 150/5345-46D
150/5345-39C AAS-100 Specification for L-853, Runway and Taxiway Retroreflective Markers (Cancelled)

Contains the FAA standards for retroreflective markers for airport runways and taxiways. See also Errata Sheet below.

Date Cancelled: 09-26-2011

576 - 600 of 729 results.

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