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135-44 AFS-300 Part 135 Operator Aircraft Configuration Inspection This AC provides information concerning the placement of aircraft into service for Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 135 commuter and on demand operations. This AC is not mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. This AC describes an acceptable means, but not the only means, to demonstrate the aircraft to be operated is configured to the operational requirements of part 135. The terms “should” and “recommend” are used when following the guidance is recommended but not required to comply with this AC. 09-25-2018
135-7B AFS-300 Part 135: Additional Maintenance Requirements for Aircraft Type Certificated for Nine or Less Passenger Seats This advisory circular (AC) provides information for establishing methods acceptable to the Administrator for compliance with the additional maintenance requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 135, § 135.421 for certain air carriers and commercial operators. In addition, this AC provides information related to other regulatory maintenance requirements applicable to part 135 aircraft type certificated (TC) for nine or less passenger seats. This AC gives part 135 certificate holders an acceptable means to comply with the regulations; however, it is not the only means. This AC is not mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. When this AC uses mandatory language (e.g., “must” or “may not”) it is paraphrasing a regulatory requirement or prohibition. When this AC uses permissive language (e.g., “should” or “may”) it describes an acceptable means, but not the only means, for complying with regulations. If you use the methods described in this AC to comply with a regulatory requirement, you must follow them in all respects. 08-11-2016
135-10B AFS-300 Approved Aircraft Inspection Program This advisory circular (AC) provides information and guidance that can be used to develop and obtain approval of an Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP). 06-08-2016
135-14B AFS-200 Helicopter Air Ambulance Operations

Helicopters provide a means of transporting people in urgent need of medical assistance. These operations are unique due to the urgent nature of the flight. Each year thousands of patients are transported by helicopter while being attended by medical personnel trained to respond to their needs. Helicopter air ambulances (HAA) are equipped with medical monitoring and support systems to ensure proper care en route.

The HAA industry continues to expand. In response to the dynamic growth of this industry, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued this advisory circular (AC) to provide information and guidelines to assist existing HAA operators, other Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 135 operators considering becoming an HAA operator and those considering new-startup HAA operations. To address an increase in fatal HAA accidents, the FAA has implemented new operational procedures and additional equipment requirements for HAA operations. The FAA, HAA operators and medical community all play vital roles in applying these changes to ensure safety. Implementing a safety culture will benefit all aspects of HAA operations.

Part 135 subpart L addresses safety improvements for commercial helicopter operations through requirements for equipment, pilot testing, alternate airports and increased weather minimums for all General Aviation (GA) helicopter operations. Many of these requirements also address National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) safety recommendations directed at improving HAA safety.

135-42 AFS-220 Extended Operations (ETOPS) and Operations in the North Polar Area This advisory circular (AC) provides certificate holders with guidance for obtaining operational approval to conduct Extended Operations (ETOPS) under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 135. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may authorize operations over a route that contains a point farther than 180 minutes flying time from an adequate airport at an approved one-engine inoperative cruise speed under standard conditions in still air. This AC also provides guidance for obtaining authorization to conduct operations under part 135 in the North Polar Area. 06-10-2008
135-17 AFS-250 Pilot Guide - Small Aircraft Ground Deicing (pocket) Contains information and recommendations to assist pilots in conducting ground operations during weather conditions conducive to aircraft icing. Also contains information and guidance regarding deicing and anti-icing fluids and procedures for use and identifies the aircraft critical surfaces which must be free of contamination prior to takeoff. 12-14-1994
135-16 AFS-250 Ground Deicing & Anti-icing Training & Checking This AC provides one means, but not the only means, of complying with FAR Sections 135.227, 135.345, & 135.351 (referred to as the FAR Part 135 ground deicing rule). 12-12-1994
135-15 AFS-250 Emergency Medical Service/Airplane (EMS/A) Provides information and guidance material which may be used by Air Ambulance and Emergency Medical Service/Airplane (EMS/A). These guidelines are applicable to EMS/A operations under FAR Part 135 and are also recommended for EMS operations conducted by public service and other operators. 11-19-1990
135-9 AFS-220 FAR Part 135 Icing Limitations To provide guidance to commuter/air taxi operators to assist them to comply with Section 135.227. 05-30-1981
135.169-1 AIR-110 Small Propeller-Driven Air Taxi Airplanes that meet Sections 135.169 (formerly 135.144) Provides a summary of and information on small propeller-driven air taxi airplanes that comply with section 135.169(b) and may continue operations under FAR 135 with ten or more passenger seats. 09-24-1979
135-4A ACS-100 Aviation Security: Air Taxi Commercial Operators (ATCO) Provides recommended security measures applicable to ATCO operations that should minimize the effects of crimes directed against air transportation. 04-15-1976

11 results

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